Frank Sinatra and Marilyn Monroe lived in this mansion that is now being sold for “only” $12.8 million

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck break the rules in their

There will not be many dwellings throughout the history of popular culture in which the artistic talent and the infinite charisma. In the mansion that is spoken of in the following lines lived Frank Sinatra Y Marilyn Monroe. Little joke. The lavish home is currently for sale for $12.8 millionis located in the neighborhood of … Read more

La increíble historia del segundo marido de Marilyn Monroe, que era más famoso que ella

La increible historia del segundo marido de Marilyn Monroe que

Rubia, la película de Andrew Dominick, con una excepcional actuación de Ana de Armas, está basada en la novela de Joyce Carol Oates. La crítica y el público ya se pronunciaron sobre la obra (¿cruda? ¿extensa? ¿artísticamente bella?). Es una adaptación libre sobre la vida y tragedia de Marilyn Monroe, de cuya muerte acaban de … Read more

El bigrafo de Marilyn, contra 'Blonde': “Ella no era ni dbil ni tonta, no han entendido nada”

El biografo de Marilyn contra aposBlondeapos Ella no era ni

Blonde, la pelcula, es una ficcin basada en otra ficcin –Blonde, la novela de Joyce Carol Oates- basada a su vez, aunque caprichosamente, en la vida de una persona de carne y hueso llamada Marilyn Monroe. Por ello, la escabrosa ordala, entre fascinante y grotesca, orquestada en la pantalla por su guionista y director, Andrew … Read more

Marilyn Monroe, Charles Chaplin Jr. and the truth about their relationship with Edward Robinson Jr.

Marilyn Monroe Charles Chaplin Jr and the truth about their

“Blonde” is a very hard moviea horror story with Marilyn Monroe as a victim of a sexist and abusive industry. Although it is not a masterpiece, it complies with showing this point and other nuances. Excessive, does not believe in subtleties. Ana de Armas risks her life in this film. But Andrew Dominik’s film, which … Read more

Why Ana de Armas deserves to be nominated for an Oscar for her role as Marilyn Monroe

Why Ana de Armas deserves to be nominated for an

It was one of the most coveted and sought after roles in recent Hollywood and, based on the result, we are not surprised in the least. Blonde, the film adaptation of the life, work, miracles and sins – own and others – of Marilyn Monroe, a role for which actresses like Jessica Chastain or Naomi … Read more

Paul Schrader likes ‘Blonde’, but thinks “that character is not Marilyn Monroe”

Paul Schrader likes Blonde but thinks that character is not

A little over a week after the landing of Blonde on Netflix the intensity of the conversation has noticeably decreased, although the scandal and the fierce criticism are still going on. Andrew Dominic wanted to adapt the novel by Joyce Carol Oates Inspired by the convulsive life and career of Marilyn Monroewith the help of … Read more

Who was the real father of Marilyn Monroe and what do they show in Blonde?

Blonde It was one of the most anticipated films of this 2022. After the applause it received at major film festivals, the audience had high expectations for this plot focused on the life of Marilyn Monroe. However, many people felt very disappointed and the film was the victim of several criticisms. The film, starring Anne … Read more

Netflix experiences failure with Blonde, the Marilyn Monroe movie

Netflix experiences failure with Blonde, the Marilyn Monroe movie Recently, it has been reported that Blondethe Marilyn Monroe movie, has become a failure for the famous platform Netflixsomething that undoubtedly came as a surprise to many. Blonde, the Marilyn Monroe biopic, obtained a total of 37.34 million hours played during the week of September 26 … Read more

New film presents the suffering of Marilyn Monroe due to abortion

The new movie “Blonde” (“Blonde”), a fictional story about the life of the famous actress Marilyn Monroe, presents dramatic scenes about her suffering due to the abortions she underwent. The film, starring Ana de Armas and broadcast through the Netflix streaming platform, is a film version of the homonymous novel written by Joyce Carol Oates. … Read more

It was not Ana de Armas: The actress who would originally be Marilyn Monroe in Blonde

It was not Ana de Armas The actress who would

Despite the criticism it has received Blonde, many agree that her actress is the best thing about the film. Ana de Armas’s performance as Marilyn Monroe has been filled with applausealthough the film as such It’s been pretty divisive. For this reason, it is difficult to believe that the Cuban actress was not the original … Read more