Isabel Macedo and Juan Manuel Urtubey spoke after criticizing their baby

Isabel Macedo and Juan Manuel Urtubey spoke after criticizing their

This Wednesday, a publication by Isabel Macedo was surprised in response to the strong criticism she received for a photo of her baby Julia on the beach in Punta del Este. Isabel and her husband, Juan Manuel Urutubey, gave an interview to telenoche this Thursday and spoke live about what happened. /Start Embedded Code//End Embedded … Read more

Joan Manuel Serrat said goodbye to Lima (and we have no choice but joy) | CHRONICLE

Joan Manuel Serrat said goodbye to Lima and we have

Piano, violin, drums, double bass, saxophone. It’s 9:15 p.m., and the musicians are ready on stage, an open curtain lets the singer-songwriter pass. The people receive him standing up and Joan Manuel Serrat open your arms His first words are sung: “Dale que dale”, a theme composed from the verses of Miguel Hernández, is the … Read more

When Joan Manuel Serrat was an extra for Orson Welles – Diario Hoy

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Orson Welles was obsessed with a Shakespearean character, John Falstaff, who appears in several plays: Henry IV, Henry V, The Merry Wives of Windsor, and Richard III. He considered that character “Shakespeare’s greatest creation.” He wanted to play it himself. He couldn’t decide on the location. Until, on a trip to Spain, he discovered that … Read more

Joan Manuel Serrat does not rule out new concerts with Sabina, Miguel Ríos and Ana and Víctor

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Spanish singer-songwriter Joan Manuel Serrat is embarking on his farewell tour of the stages, but, although he sees it as unlikely, he does not rule out doing concerts with emblematic companions of trajectory as Joaquin Sabina or his colleagues from “The taste is ours” Miguel Ríos, Ana Belen and Victor Manuel. “My mother has a … Read more

Joan Manuel Serrat moves the public from Quito with his ‘singing vice’ | Culture | Entertainment

Joan Manuel Serrat moves the public from Quito with his

A shimmer of purple, orange and blue lights, the flawless execution of piano, violin, double bass, saxophone and percussion, and an epic chorus that repeated “Give it, give it, give it”, was the starting signal for the nostalgic and emotional concert of the Spanish Joan Manuel Serrat, this Saturday, in Quito. The applause and joy … Read more

Colombian singer Manuel Turizo finds “Ecstasy” in the little things

Colombian singer Manuel Turizo finds Ecstasy in the little things

The Colombian singer Manuel Turizo has been able to recognize that in his life it is the little moments that fill him with satisfaction, so, inspired by that, he presents this Friday Ecstasya song with the Argentine María Becerra. “I wanted to show a story of what I feel that the majority of the world … Read more

Quentin Tarantino denied Kanye West, Rihanna returned to music and María Becerra recorded a video with Manuel Turizo

Quentin Tarantino denied Kanye West Rihanna returned to music and

Director Quentin Tarantino responded to Kanye West’s accusations – Credits: @Grosby Group the music star kanye-west keeps adding rejections. After making anti-Semitic comments and misguided analyzes of the murder of George Floyd, he is now the filmmaker Quentin Tarantino who came out to deny the singer. Days ago, West said that in 2005 she spoke … Read more

Joan Manuel Serrat prepares his arrival in Lima after saying goodbye to Mexico with a concert before 100 thousand people

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The renowned Spanish singer-songwriter Joan Manuel Serrat He said goodbye to Mexico last weekend with an emotional concert, free and outdoors, in the Zócalo of the Mexican capital, which attracted more than 100,000 people, who sang all his most popular songs. The presentation, lasting just over two hours, was exciting with a Serrat delivered to … Read more

Ana Bárbara calls José Manuel Figueroa “cockroach” and the singer answers

Ana Barbara calls Jose Manuel Figueroa cockroach and the singer

For a few months, a controversy has been unleashed between Ana Barbara Y Jose Manuel Figueroa, after the latter assured that he had written the song “Forbidden Fruit” and not the singer, who has it registered in her name and is one of her greatest hits. Given this, the famous did not remain silent and … Read more

Delalma, the new band of Manuel Seoane (Mägo de Oz) and Ramón Lage (ex-Avalanch), dates their first album and shows a trailer –

Delalma the new band of Manuel Seoane Mago de Oz

4 October, 2022 6:23 pm published by Drafting – We already have the date in which we can get hold of the first album of the new band in which they have met Manuel Seoaneguitarist of Wizard of Oz; return to the front line of fire Ramon Lagewho was the vocalist of avalanche; the current … Read more