Steve Vai praises Maná after concert: “Sensational rock band”

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Digital Millennium Mexico City / 09.20.2022 17:06:02 The musician Steve Vay, recognized worldwide for his virtuosity with the guitar, he attended a show by Manna in Los Angeles and was very pleased with the spectacle of Fher Olveraband vocalist, and company. Through his Instagram account, the American music producer also shared a video of the … Read more

Mana appeared at Yaamava Theater to announce new sponsorship of ‘La Residencia’

Mana appeared at Yaamava Theater to announce new sponsorship of

The historic concert that the Mexican group MANÁ has performed in Los Angeles at the KIA Forum, and which is known as ‘La Residencia’, have a new sponsor: Yaamava’ Resort & Casino in Highland. And to celebrate this new sponsorship and inaugurate Hispanic Heritage Month, the group from Jalisco held an exclusive private concert on … Read more

Who were the original members of Maná?

Whether they like it or not Mannais one of the most famous bands of rock in Spanish in Mexico and have made history since their formation in the eighties, selling thousands of albums, filling stadiums and even winning a Grammy award. Although we all know who he is Mannaname that means “the bread that falls … Read more

Maná gives a concert in Monterrey and sings ‘living without water’. And they didn’t like it very much

Mana gives a concert in Monterrey and sings living without

Mana Fher | Photo: Getty Images “How I wish I could live without air, how I wish I could live without water”, is the first line of the song ‘Vivir sin aire’ by Manna released in 1992 and is part of the album ‘Where will the children play?’; however, now the lyrics were uncomfortable for … Read more

The day Reyli Barba borrowed $100,000 from Fher and the Maná leader ran away

The day Reyli Barba borrowed 100000 from Fher and the

Reyli Beard. (Photo by Media and Media / Getty Images) BY Guillermina Ortiz-. Starting a music career can be difficult. There are times when one has to borrow, as Reyli Barba once did to the leader of Maná. In an interview with Yordi Rosado, the former vocalist of the band Elefante spoke about his beginnings … Read more

“How I wish I could live without water”: the verse that caused a sensation during the Maná concert in Monterrey

How I wish I could live without water the verse

(photo: Twitter) The return of the Mexican rock band, Manna to the state of Nuevo Leon, caused a sensationsince the situation experienced by Monterrey residents was related to the group in an unexpected way. It must be remembered, for those who have not been inundated with the memes about Samuel Garciagovernor of the entity, regarding … Read more