Sam Neill pays tribute to Robin Williams, a “funny but terribly sad” man

Sam Neill pays tribute to Robin Williams a funny but

In his memoirs, Sam Neill talks about his meeting with Robin Williams, to whom he gave the reply on the set of “The Bicentennial Man”. The actor evokes an extremely funny but terribly sad and lonely man. Robin Williams, an unexpected loss On August 11, 2014, Robin Williams passed away at the age of 63. … Read more

Iron Man and Batman team up for a story about a serial killer

Iron Man and Batman team up for a story about

After Don’t Look Upthe Netflix film that swept the platform and even managed to reach the Oscars, director Adam McKay is preparing a film titled “Average Height, Average Build”and with the participation of Iron Man and Batman, better known as Robert Downey Jr. and Robert Pattinson. “Average Height, Average Build” is still in the development … Read more

Neither Chainsaw Man nor Bocchi the Rock! were nominated for the Anime Awards — Kudasai

1674199378 Neither Chainsaw Man nor Bocchi the Rock were nominated for

This afternoon, the platform crunchyroll announced the nominees for the award Anime Awards, which decorate the different anime productions that were released during the year in question (or something like that). It turns out that one of the categories is called “Anime of the Year“, which is considered the most important award, but many series … Read more

For a handful of dollars: Clint Eastwood fought to transform “the Man with no name” – CinéSéries

“For a Fistful of Dollars” marks the first collaboration between Sergio Leone and Clint Eastwood. The actor did not hesitate to argue with the filmmaker to impose his vision of “the Man with no name” and give birth to a cult character. For a fistful of dollars : the first spaghetti western Tired of the … Read more

Reviews: Review of “A Grumpy Neighbor” (“A Man Called Otto”), by Marc Forster, with Tom Hanks

Director of Life Change (Monster’s Ball), Discovering Neverland, Stranger Than Fiction, Comets in the Sky, 007 Quantum of Solace, World War Z Y Christopher Robin: An Unforgettable Reunion He filmed an uplifting and instructive tragicomedy conceived of pure stereotype and no subtlety. A grumpy neighbor (A Man Called Otto, United States/2022). Directed by: Marc Forster. … Read more

From a movie: a man in Jalisco escaped from a court while his hearing was taking place

From a movie a man in Jalisco escaped from a

The subject, identified as Tomas “N” is accused of the crime of qualified robbery and attempted murder. In a video shared on social networks, the exact moment was shown in which a man escaped from a court in Chapala, Jalisco after threatening the authorities with a sharp object and breaking one of the windows in … Read more

The sexiest man in the world is not alone. Chris Evans is “in love” with the Portuguese actress Alba Baptista | People | Entertainment

The sexiest man in the world is not alone Chris

Chris Evans, who was just named the sexiest man alive earlier this week, he seems to have a new interest in his life. Thursday, People reported that the 41-year-old action star has been dating beauty Alba Baptistafrom Portugal, for more than a year and that the relationship is “serious”. They are in love and Chris … Read more

“My ex left me without tickets for Bad Bunny”: young man recounts how he missed the reggaeton concert

My ex left me without tickets for Bad Bunny young

Photo: TikTok video capture via @iklea/Getty Images On October 13, Bad Bunny’s first concert was held at the National Stadium in Peru, so many of his fans were able to enjoy his show, except for the young influencer @iklea who that day discovered that someone else had used his tickets. “My ex left me without … Read more

Ryan Gosling and Aaron Taylor-Johnson in a remake of The Falling Man

Ryan Gosling and Aaron Taylor Johnson in a remake of The

Ryan Gosling and Aaron Taylor-Johnson have been cast in the cinematic remake of the cult 1980s series The Falling Man. Directed by David Leitch, they will co-star with Emily Blunt. Recently, Aaron Taylor-Johnson starred in Bullet Train (2022), the action movie worn by Brad Pitt and directed by David Leitch. The American actor, revealed thanks … Read more