Maluma’s latest posts that broke Instagram

Malumas latest posts that broke Instagram

Maluma has updated his instagram profilewhere he has published a series of Photographs that they liked 62.9 millions of followers. Every time the successful Colombian singer share a new post on Instagramthe social network is broken and this time was no exception. In the last hours, Maluma shared a publication with several photos and videos … Read more

Mirtha Legrand returned to television and received Maluma’s greeting

Mirtha Legrand returned to television and received Malumas greeting

Nine months after his last airing with his granddaughter Juana Viale, Mirtha Legrand returned to television. The diva of lunches was present last year in the year-end specials of the program, but haven’t driven it since 2019 when the arrival of pandemic took her away from the small screen. It all started at 9:30 p.m. … Read more

This is how “28″ sounds, Maluma’s new single

This is how 28″ sounds Malumas new single

In “The Love & Sex Tape” Deluxe Edition, Maluma added three new songs: “Clito”,”28″ and “Rulay”. Photo: Courtesy Maluma has just released a special edition of his most recent record production called “The Love & Sex Tape” Deluxe Edition. (Also read: Julieta Venegas presents “On your shore” third single from her next album) This album … Read more

Video: Maluma’s expensive and eccentric gift for the son of Pipe Bueno and Luisa Fernanda W

Video Malumas expensive and eccentric gift for the son of

The popular music singer, who recently became a father, showed the love he has for Maluma. Photo: networks The friendship of Pipe Bueno and Maluma has transcended over the years, so much so that the reggaeton player was named godfather of Máximo, eldest son of Luisa Fernanda W and the popular music singer. An example … Read more

This is the lawn of Atanasio Girardot after Maluma’s concert

This Thursday in the Women’s League match between Independiente Medellín and Junior de Barranquilla, at the Atanasio Girardot stadium, the first images of the state of the playing field were known after the Maluma concert. In the photos published on social networks, the burned grass can be seen with four squares in the middle of … Read more

How exciting: Maluma’s grandmother cried with emotion during the concert in Medellín

Last Saturday, April 30, Medellín was the meeting point for more than 50,000 people who attended Maluma’s concert, in which the artist celebrated the first decade of his musical career that began in his native capital of Antioquia. In the show you saw the The artist’s maternal grandmother crying very excited and happy, in one … Read more

Video: Mayor Daniel Quintero denounces aggression during Maluma’s concert in Medellín

Video Mayor Daniel Quintero denounces aggression during Malumas concert in

In the middle of Maluma’s concert in Medellín, Mayor Daniel Quintero pointed out that he was attacked by the public present at the Atanasio Girardot stadium. PHOTOS: Colprensa / Via Twitter (puntodevistardb) During Maluma’s concert, held last Saturday, April 30, several characters from national life were captured, and while some were applauded, others received criticism. … Read more

On video: Mayor Quintero was booed at Maluma’s concert

During Maluma’s concert at Atanasio Giradot, the mayor of Medellín, Daniel Quintero, received boos and rejection from some attendees of the musical event. The moment was recorded on video. “Out, out”some spectators yell at the local president while they throw water at him and make obscene signs at him. In the recording, Quintero tries to … Read more