In Pride Month, Maduro made a homophobic comment on television

In Pride Month Maduro made a homophobic comment on television scaled

Maduro made a homophobic comment on the air Nicolás Maduro again made a homophobic comment on the air, this time in Pride month, weeks in which the world’s LGBT+ communities come together to celebrate the freedom to be themselveswhile making visible the problems they face on a daily basis. “Take advantage and put on a … Read more

“As if we were dairy cows”: criticism on Argentine television of Maduro for ensuring that “women have the task of giving birth”

1648701130 As if we were dairy cows criticism on Argentine television

Nicolás Maduro at the Venezuelan Congress of Women on March 29, 2022 | Photo: Presidential Press The hosts of the Argentine news The Nation More They criticized Nicolás Maduro’s statements in which he assured that the task of women in life is to “give birth”. “Woman, we know, has great tasks in life: the task … Read more

Venezuelans call Pablo Montero a “communist” and “dragged” for singing Maduro. The artist defends himself

Venezuelans are enraged with the Mexican artist Pablo Montero for singing “Las Mañanitas” to the ruler Nicolás Maduro on the occasion of his birthday and branded him a “communist” and “dragged” on social networks where they peppered him with insults. The singer replied saying that he does not get involved in the internal problems of … Read more