Anthony Mackie wants to be Pantro in the ThunderCats live-action | Spaghetti Code

1642226510 Anthony Mackie wants to be Pantro in the ThunderCats live action

After many years since the iconic animated series of the ThunderCats came to an end, for better or worse the cosmic felines will finally have their own movie live-action. The details of the plot and the actors who will give life to the Cheetara, Lion-O, Tigro, Pumara or Pantro have not been revealed, but it … Read more

Anthony Mackie reveals what Pure Steel 2 should be like

Anthony Mackie reveals what Pure Steel 2 should be like

Actor Anthony Mackie played promoter Finn in the first film and has come up with an interesting idea for Pure Steel 2. In 2011 it was released Pure Steel (Real Steel), a science fiction movie where robot boxing was the big fashion show. Starring Hugh Jackman, Evangeline Lilly, Dakota Goyo, Anthony Mackie and Kevin Durand, … Read more

Captain America 4: will Anthony Mackie be as popular as Chris Evans?

Captain America 4 will Anthony Mackie be as popular as

Phase 4 of the MCU has already seen the remarkable arrival of a new Captain America in the person of Sam Wilson. The latter thus has the difficult task of succeeding Steve Rogers who embodied an ideal hero for many years. The same goes for Chris Evans whose absence, although expected, is still regretted by … Read more

Today’s popular birthdays, September 23, 2021, include Bruce Springsteen and Anthony Mackie.

1633019849 Todays popular birthdays September 23 2021 include Bruce Springsteen and

Celebrity Birthdays September 23, 2021 Birthday wishes for Bruce Springsteen, Anthony Mackie and all the other celebrities with their birthdays today. Check out the slideshow below for photos of celebrities aging one year on September 23, and learn an interesting fact about each one. Spanish singer Julio Iglesias performs at the National Auditorium in Mexico … Read more

Confirmed! Anthony Mackie joins ‘Captain America 4’, Entertainment News

Confirmed Anthony Mackie joins Captain America 4 Entertainment News

After months of speculation, it has now been confirmed that Anthony Mackie is aboard ‘Captain America 4’. A few months ago, the actor had opened up about rumors that he was holding Captain America’s iconic shield in future MCU movies, during an interview with James Corden on his ‘The Late Late Show’. “The question is, … Read more

Anthony Mackie has a birthday: this is why 2021 is the best year of his career

Anthony Mackie has a birthday this is why 2021 is

CELEBRITIES The protagonist of The Falcon and The Winter Soldier turns 42 today. Review all the projects he’s been involved with in 2021 here. For Camila lopez 23-09-2021 – 20 : 03h UTC Celebrities © GettyAnthony Mackie turns 42 Happy birthday Anthony Mackie! The American actor has reached his 42 years old and carries with it a … Read more

Anthony Mackie: Five Movies on Netflix, Amazon, Star + and HBO Max on His Birthday

Anthony Mackie Five Movies on Netflix Amazon Star and

This Thursday, September 23, actor Anthony Mackie turns 43. The interpreter began to appear in films in the early 2000s, his most recognized role being that of Sam Wilson / Falcon in the Avengers saga and in the Falcon and the Winter Soldier series, which you can see on Disney +. In addition, he has … Read more

‘Captain America 4’: Anthony Mackie to star in new Marvel movie

1629407852 Captain America 4 Anthony Mackie to star in new Marvel

It has recently been confirmed that Anthony Mackie has reached an agreement with Marvel Studios and Disney to star in “Captain America 4”; It will be the first time Sam Wilson, aka Falcon, has assumed the Cap’s identity on the big screen. The last time we saw Anthony Mackie in a superhero suit was in … Read more

We Have a Ghost : Anthony Mackie et David Harbour au casting d’un film familial Netflix – CinéSéries

We Have a Ghost Anthony Mackie et David Harbour scaled

Comedians Anthony Mackie and David Harbor will soon be reunited in front of Christopher Landon’s camera (“Happy Birthdead”). A nice program that will be produced by the Netflix platform. Anthony Mackie and David Harbor: two MCU members reunited for Netlix Anthony Mackie began his acting career in the early 2000s. After small roles in landmark … Read more

Anthony Mackie y David Harbour juntos en “We have a ghost”

Anthony Mackie y David Harbour juntos en We have a

Director horror film stuntman Christopher Landon Direct to We hace a ghost, the latest Netflix proposal that unites two stars of the Marvel Cinematic Universe: Anthony Mackie and David Harbor. Landon has performed on all under the iconic Blumhouse label and this time the script will also be in his charge although his story is … Read more