The strong macho offense of a Venezuelan actor to Rocío Marengo: “You are single”

The strong macho offense of a Venezuelan actor to Rocio

Rocio Marengo discussed with the actor Fernando Carrillo in The Hotel of the Famous and she was fed up with an attack received at that intersection. The former participant of Dancing for a Dream was indignant with the artist from Venezuela and was defended by a partner from the reality show The thirteen. “Really, it … Read more

Cuba: institutions break with musician for macho lyrics

1673706367 Cuba institutions break with musician for macho lyrics

HAVANA (AP) — The powerful Federation of Cuban Women, an organization linked to the government, and the state Cuban Institute of Music on Tuesday rejected the comments of a musician recognized for his pro-government militancy who posted song lyrics on his social media sexist content. The troubadour Fernando Becquer, who was sentenced at the end … Read more

Alba Reche: “The obvious whitening of macho artists in the music industry is insulting”

post this friday ‘Honestly sad’an EP in which he opens up and denounces situations of abuse MADRID, Sep. 21 (EUROPA PRESS) – Alba Reche (Elche, 1997) continues advanced in the “path” of musican industry where you want to be an “active” driver of change to alleviate machismo and “intrinsic” paternalism that surrounds her. “The obvious … Read more

The story of how Lucila Mariscal achieved success in the macho world of Mexican comedy

1640787699 The story of how Lucila Mariscal achieved success in the

If there is an actress who has managed to make a place for herself as a comedian in Mexico, through a lot of effort, that is Lucila Mariscal. And this is worthy of recognition, since it is very difficult for women to achieve this as it is an almost exclusively male-dominated medium. However, Mariscal has … Read more

Carloncho, the announcer who was fired from ‘En boca de todos’ for macho phrases against his ex-partner and is still on the radio

Carloncho the announcer who was fired from En boca de

Carloncho was removed from ‘En boca de todos’ at the beginning of March. Photo: Instagram In March of this year, the radio host Carlos Enrique Banderas, known as Carloncho, he was fired from the program On everyone’s lips for the macho comments related to his ex-partner, Rosángela Espinoza, during the broadcast of ‘El show de … Read more

Event Preview: Clint Eastwood’s Cry Macho

Event Preview Clint Eastwoods Cry Macho

அழுக மச்சோUnited States, 2021, Director: Clint Eastwood, Cast: Clint Eastwood, Eduardo Minette, Natalia Travan, Dwight Yoga, Fernando Urrezola, Horacio García-Rojas, Duration: 104 ‘ Clint is back in the chair, And the heart of those who love him beats fast. 91 years old Eastwood gets back on his horse and wears the cowboy hat again Mike … Read more

“Cry Macho”: Clint Eastwood makes a last lap in minor mode

Cry Macho Clint Eastwood makes a last lap in minor

Mike Milo (Clint Eastwood) and Rafael aka “Rafo” (Eduardo Minett), in “Cry Macho”, by Clint Eastwood. WARNER BROS. THE OPINION OF THE “WORLD” – MUST SEE Without a doubt Cry Macho will it not remain as Clint Eastwood’s masterpiece. Nothing goes without saying in this fortieth feature film from the veteran filmmaker, between a scenario … Read more

On vous dévoile 91 anecdotes que vous ignorez sans doute sur Clint Eastwood, à l’occasion de la sortie de son film “Cry Macho”

On vous devoile 91 anecdotes que vous ignorez sans doute

Evoquer la carrière de Clint Eastwood, c’est embrasser plus d’un demi-siècle d’histoire du cinéma, des années 1950 au tout récent Cry Macho, sorti mercredi 10 novembre. Vous connaissez forcément ses westerns spaghettis, comme Le Bon, la brute et le truand ou Pour une poignée de dollars, le personnage magnétique de L’Inspecteur Harry, ou ses films … Read more

Review / “Cry Macho” (2021) by Clint Eastwood – Bulles de Culture

Out of the ordinary on OCS with Vincent Cassel and

To share Cry Macho, adapted from Nathan Richard Nusbaum’s novel, tells the story of an old cowboy sent to Mexico to wrest a teenage boy from his alcoholic mother. The film by and with Clint Eastwood revives the western, a genre that fans of the director know well. The film criticism and the opinion of … Read more