Julia Roberts, Charlize Theron, Robert Pattinson: how much do the muses of luxury earn?

Julia Roberts Charlize Theron Robert Pattinson how much do the

Luxury brands are ready to pay fortunes to promote their beauty products. photo credit: Instagram screenshot @charlizeafrica Luxury brands spend astronomical sums to promote their beauty products. With millions, they appeal to muses who lend their image to a perfume or a range of cosmetics. What is the amount of these contracts? Who are the … Read more

My best buy on Amazon: this little device costs less than 25 euros and is a luxury

The Amazon Fire TV Stick will change your television forever, the maximum intelligence comes to your living room. I come to talk to you about one of the best purchases I’ve made on Amazon. The fire tv sticka smart device for the TV, drops in price and can be yours for less than 25 euros. … Read more

The Netflix movie with a luxury cast that is all the rage and is among the most viewed

The Netflix movie with a luxury cast that is all.webp

This recently released Mexican production is all the rage on the streaming platform. Netflix continues to release releases that are quickly all the rage on the platform, as happened with fortiesa Mexican comedy that is already among the most viewed and is all the rage. Find out what this … Read more

Millie Bobby Brown: the luxury firms she has conquered

Millie Bobby Brown the luxury firms she has conquered

When in 2016 the first season of ‘Stranger Things’their protagonists They immediately won the affection of the followers. However, among this group of preteens, immediately, he began to stand out Millie Bobby Brown. Subscribe to our weekly newsletter here The girl who played raisequickly, gave signs that it would be one of the next Hollywood … Read more

It is starred by a luxury Netflix actor and is the second most watched film in Argentina – TyC Sports

1646662595 Netflix withdrew a historic movie from its offer and users

Although this film was released in 2019, it ranks second in the Top 10 of the most viewed. I know what it is. In recent days a film that was released in 2019, but reached Netflix This April 13, it managed to become one of the most viewed on … Read more

This is how the spectacular luxury dress that Penelope Cruz wore at the Oscars was made: pure craftsmanship from the favorite firm of French women

1648562234 This is how the spectacular luxury dress that Penelope Cruz

His historic Oscar nomination for best actress foreshadowed that Penelope Cruz I was going to give it my all on the red carpet. A night as special as this required a style to match, one of those that leave a mark, and our most international actress did not disappoint. If you like me the princess … Read more

Alfonso Cuarón brings together a luxury cast for his new project

Alfonso Cuaron brings together a luxury cast for his new

Alfonso Cuarón will direct Cate Blanchett and Sasha Baron Cohen in the new Apple TV series. Alfonso Cuaron In recent years, he became one of the most sought-after directors in Hollywood. The filmmaker who gave Mexico its first Oscar in 2018 for the black and white film Rome (it won the awards for Best Director, … Read more

Neymar, fan of Batman: luxury guest at the avant premiere of the new film and his gesture after getting on the Batmobile

Neymar fan of Batman luxury guest at the avant premiere

The Brazilian posed with the stars of the film (wbpictures) Neymar felt like a child in Paris again thanks to the new film by Batman which will be released in early March worldwide. The Brazilian, a fan of the bat man, attended the avant premiere of the new superhero film that took place in the … Read more

The cars of Rosalía’s favorite movie: neither classic nor luxury

The cars of Rosalias favorite movie neither classic nor

recommended The Spanish artist has sentenced him. There are no assumptions, guesses, or approximations here. It comes from launching Saoko and has lent part of her intimacy in an unexpected questionnaire. Among so many questions, one was related to her taste for cinema. We tell you which vehicles take the cameras from her essential film. … Read more

Raúl ‘El Gordo’ de Molina lives in luxury, this is what his apartment looks like inside: VIDEO

Raul El Gordo de Molina lives in luxury this is

Throughout his 25-year artistic career, Raúl de Molina has not only accompanied thousands of TV fans, but is also considered one of the most influential Hispanics in the United States. And it is that since 1998, Univisión decided to sign him, and together with Lili Estefan they have been placed as the hosts of the … Read more