Luke Evans weighs in on James Bond changes as his name is thrown around to replace Daniel Craig

Stranger Things The terrifying reason why Millie Bobby Brown cried

Luke Evans is known for having played many iconic characters, including Dracula and Gaston from Beauty and the Beast. Lately, it has been rumored that his name is being used for another legendary role: 007. While Daniel Craig’s replacement is far from decided, Evans certainly looks good and never shies away from interesting projects. Amid … Read more

Even Jedi Luke Skywalker joined the Ukrainian resistance

Even Jedi Luke Skywalker joined the Ukrainian resistance

The Pin September 29 2022, 5:38 pm Photo: @MarkHamill / Twitter Mark Hamill, who rose to fame as Luke Skywalker in “Star Wars,” announced that he will support fundraising to provide drones to Ukraine while fighting “the evil empire.” Hamill is the latest celebrity to endorse the UNITED24 platform launched by Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky … Read more

Who is Nicholas Galitzine, the actor who plays Luke in “Wounded Hearts”

Who is Nicholas Galitzine the actor who plays Luke in

“Broken Hearts” (“Purple Hearts” in its original language) is the romantic drama that has conquered Netflix subscribers, who were captivated by the love story of Luke and Cassie. Although the Marine and the aspiring singer initially marry out of convenience, a tragedy makes them realize that they are truly in love. The leading roles are … Read more

Explained ending of “Wounded Hearts”: what happened to Cassie and Luke when their secret was revealed

Explained ending of Wounded Hearts what happened to Cassie and

WARNING, SPOILER ALERT. Starring sophia carson and Nicholas Galitzine, “Corazón malherido” (“Purple Hearts” in its original language) is a netflix romantic drama which follows Cassie, an aspiring singer-songwriter trying to get a musical opportunity while working at a bar to pay her rent and her diabetes treatment. One night after a brief presentation at the … Read more

Tom Hanks and Luke Evans revive ‘Pinocchio’ in live action

Tom Hanks and Luke Evans revive Pinocchio in live action

Cynthia Erivo plays the Blue Fairy. Cynthia Erivo arriving at the 2020 Palm Springs International Film Festival isney He has once again opted to adapt to live action one of the iconic animated films that they have conquered several generations of children. This is ‘Pinocchio’, which will be premiered in September on the Disney+ streaming … Read more

Obi-Wan Kenobi, the Jedi Master who failed with Anakin Skywalker and sought to redeem himself with Luke, returns in his own series

Obi Wan Kenobi the Jedi Master who failed with Anakin Skywalker

For many fans of starwarsthe series of Obi-Wan Kenobi he comes late. For a long time, there was talk of a solo movie for the illustrious Jedi Master, but it never happened. Now, beloved Ben is back in his own show for Disney+. Late, because that void that existed after Episode III: Revenge of the … Read more

“You are Luke Skywalker, get used to it”: why it has taken Mark Hamill four decades to accept his great role

You are Luke Skywalker get used to it why it

“Why Star Wars did not make Mark Hamill (California, 70 years old) a giant star? Why did he work so little in the cinema in the eighties and nineties? I know I ask a few years ago a user in the social network of questions and answers Quora. The answer came through someone who knew … Read more

Dolph Lundgren and Luke Wilson to co-star in action thriller The Best Man

Dolph Lundgren has been very busy lately and it doesn’t look like he plans to ease off any time soon. As well as upcoming roles in Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom and Consumables 4Lundgren joins Revenge of a Blonde and Zombieland: double tap star Luke Wilson in new action movie The best man. Also starring … Read more

Chris Hemsworth could be replaced by his brother, Luke, in “Thor: Love and Thunder”

wonder Thor: Love and Thunder It is one of the most anticipated films by Marvel fans. But will it originally star Chris Hemsworth? We tell you everything about the addition of Luke to the cast! By Noelia Rios 02/23/2022 – 22:35 UTC 02/23/2022 – 22:35 UTC ©GettyChris and Luke Hemsworth The arrival of Thor: Love … Read more

From rape to artistic deprivation, the story of Kesha against Dr. Luke that is generating the #FreeKesha

From rape to artistic deprivation the story of Kesha against

The relationship between the producer and the singer started badly since 2005 (Photo: Twitter/@cult-pop) kasha became one of the most important figures in pop music in recent years, thanks to the controversial proposal of his music, which was characterized by having a mixture of one of the most popular genres in the world, giving us … Read more