Zendaya, Lisa, Chiara, Lucia… Who are the heroines of Bulgari’s film?

Zendaya Lisa Chiara Lucia… Who are the heroines of Bulgaris

Zendaya is not where you look for her. The movie star is at the top of the bill of the first documentary film of this magnitude ever presented by a jeweler. Between the world of fine jewelry, the story has been going on for a long time, and, from Cannes to Venice via Hollywood, the … Read more

Cuántos años tenía y cómo se veía Lucía Méndez en Amor de nadie

Lucía Méndez comenzó su carrera a principios de los años setenta, cuando fue nombrada como El rostro de El Heraldo de México; un título que otorgaba el diario del mismo nombre. Al llamar la atención del público, las puertas del mundo de la televisión empezaron a abrirse. Su primera participación fue en Muchacha italiana viene a … Read more

Lucía Méndez willing to help Salvador Pineda financially

Lucia Mendez willing to help Salvador Pineda financially

Lucía Méndez / Mexico Agency The singer Lucía Méndez expressed her concern and affection after learning that Salvador Pineda, who was her boyfriend in the 1980s, has financial problems after injuring his hip and undergoing surgery. After making it known that the actor is supposedly in a precarious situation because he spent a large sum … Read more

Lucía, Shakira’s sister, reveals how the singer is after her breakup with Piqué

Lucia Shakiras sister reveals how the singer is after her

Getting over a breakup is not easy. It is less, if on top of that with your ex-partner you share more than a decade of memories and two children in common. This is what Shakira and Gerard Piqué currently feel, who announced their breakup this Saturday. Both parties insist that they will try to handle … Read more

Saturday Night In San Francisco: Sequel to the concert by Al Di Meola, J. McLaughlin and Paco De Lucía

Saturday Night In San Francisco Sequel to the concert by

The album “Friday Night in San Francisco” (1981), collected the concert performed on Friday, December 5, 1980 at the Warfield Theater in San Francisco by 3 guitar virtuosos: Al Di Meola, John McLaughlin and our dear Paco de Lucia, who we lost too soon at age 66 in 2014. That live work became one of … Read more

Lucía de la Cruz pulls Brunella Torpoco’s ears for now to say that she returns to music

the creole Lucia of the Cross he asked the sauce boat Brunella Torpoco have more respect for the public, knowing that the chalaca will resume face-to-face concerts, after a few months ago she announced that she was withdrawing from the musical environment because she received threats from some criminal gangs who demanded quotas to be … Read more

Ana Lucía and Michel Brown share a hunch in a new series

Ana Lucia and Michel Brown share a hunch in a

Since they shared a set for the first time in Passion of Hawks, In 2003, the professional and personal paths of paisa Ana Lucía Domínguez and Argentinian Michel Brown permanently connected. Ana Lucía says that with Michel he is the actor who has shared the scene the most times in different projects. After Passion of … Read more

Singer Adriana Lucía surprised her followers by showing her twins

Singer Adriana Lucia surprised her followers by showing her twins

With the greatest pride that a mother can feel, the renowned singer Adriana Lucía surprised her followers on the social network Instagram, publishing several photos of her twins: Simona and Carlota, who were born last January. Dressed in tender pastel-colored pajamas, little hats and always together, the little ones are seen in the images. A … Read more

Benjamín Vicuña to the kisses with Lucía Galán in the new Pimpinela video clip

Benjamin Vicuna to the kisses with Lucia Galan in the

The advance of “When I see it”, the new theme of Pimpinela, in which Benjamín Vicuña participates In the last few hours, the music platforms were startled by the second preview of the new song by Burnet. The duo made up of Lucy and Joaquin Galan showed a few seconds of “When I see him”, … Read more

Lucía Méndez despised the marriage proposal of a famous heartthrob from the Cine de Oro; here the tragic story

Lucia Mendez despised the marriage proposal of a famous heartthrob

The actress Lucia Mendez is one of the most famous actresses on Mexican television, who also shone in the seventh art with a famous gallant of Mexican Cinema, who was her boyfriend and with whom she could reach the altar, but also the singer despised his marriage proposal. Lucy She was born in León, Guanajuato, … Read more