Niña Pastori lets herself be loved by Seville

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The relationship of Pastori Girl with the capital of Andalusia was summed up by the artist herself from San Fernando this Friday towards the end of her cycle concert Nights at the Maestranza. It was when he changed the lyrics of a passage from ‘Si tú me dejaras’: “If I were missing Seville, I would … Read more

One of Keanu Reeves’ most loved and hated films will have a sequel

Anuel feat AMLO No the Puerto Rican singer did not

In the year 2005 Warner Bros presented Constantinea live-action film adapting the character John Constantine from the DC/Vertigo series hellblazer. For the role of the paranormal detective appeared the great Keanu Reeves. The film received mixed reviews, on the one hand there were those who criticized that Keanu, as charismatic as he may be, did … Read more

Tom Hanks would have loved to appear in this iconic series

Tom Hanks would have loved to appear in this iconic

Is it still necessary to present the immense Tom Hanks? Now 66 years old, the American comedian continues to appear on our screens and still has a very prolific career. During a recent interview, he said he would have loved to appear in this iconic small-screen TV series. Tom Hanks in a few roles Tom … Read more

Sophie Tapie in mourning: she announces the death of a loved one, heartbreaking revelations

Sophie Tapie in mourning she announces the death of a

A few days ago, Sophie Tapie announced on the web that she was in mourning. Who would she have lost again? We note that the latter has just come out of recovering from the death of her father. Apparently, it would be a very dear to the daughter of Bernard Tapie. To know his identity, … Read more

Cristina Cordula in mourning: she mourns the death of a loved one!

Cristina Cordula in mourning she mourns the death of a

On August 5, Cristina Cordula appeared on the web with a bewildered look. An unexpected situation since this host of M6 has always shown a charming and sparkling air in front of the public. What happened to her? We give you more explanation below! Cristina Cordula has been in mourning for a few days! We … Read more

The secrets of Rachel McAdams: her sports dream as a child, the explicit harassment she suffered in a casting and the actor she hated and then loved

The secrets of Rachel McAdams her sports dream as a scaled

Rachel McAdams at the premiere of “Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness” in May 2022 in Los Angeles (Reuters) Rachel McAdams is a talented actress whose latest movie, “Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness”, brought attention back to her. She will always be remembered for her roles as the popular girl Regina George … Read more

Karine Le Marchand in mourning: her heartbreaking tribute to this loved one

Karine Le Marchand in mourning her heartbreaking tribute to this

This Friday, July 29, Karine Le Marchand shared a very moving video in her story instagram. The cult presenter of Love is in the meadow revealed what she had done for a missing loved one. We explain what happened and who it is. Karine Le Marchand: she has not forgotten this loved one Karine Le … Read more

Ryan Gosling: “I loved action movies, it’s probably what made me want to work in film”

Ryan Gosling I loved action movies its probably what made scaled

Ryan Gosling plays Court Gendry in the new Netflix movie and the Russo brothers. He worked in almost all genres, but his arrival at Netflix it could be one of the great projects of his career, at least from his personal experience: “I have wanted to make an action movie since I was a child. … Read more

Belinda’s bittersweet return to Madrid: “I love my country, but I wish they loved me more than they hate me”

Belindas bittersweet return to Madrid I love my country but

Barely five minutes have passed since he started posing for the camera and he has already been asked for a selfie. Taking into account the high temperatures of the day, which are more inviting for a summer siesta than for a walk, and the quietness of the neighborhood in which we find ourselves, the immediate … Read more

Jean-Louis Trintignant’s daughter, Marie, was “the woman he loved the most”: he did not want to be buried by her side

Jean Louis Trintignants daughter Marie was the woman he loved the

Jean-Louis Trintignant lost his “best friend”, Marie, the woman he loved the most in the world and never recovered. He then took his grief and guilt to his grave. During the filming of “And God… created woman”, Jean-Louis Trintignant fell in love with his on-screen partner. The pretty actress is none other than Brigitte Bardot, … Read more