Kate Rodríguez questioned the love story of Emily Lucius and Martín Salwe: “Who believes in that romance?”

kate rodriguez, one of the first eliminated contestants The famous hotel, keep making it spicy to the repercussions of what happens both inside the reality show and outside, with the elimination of each of his former teammates. Openly against Martín Salwe and Maximiliano “El Chanchi” Estévezthis time he targeted Emily Lucius after losing the H … Read more

How long is Thor: Love & Thunder and how many post credits scenes does it have

The Thursday July 7 hits theaters “Thor: Love & Thunder” and, while the first criticisms come to lighttwo key pieces of information were revealed to fans: the duration of the film and the number of post credits scenes who has the tape The film directed by Taika Waititi is one of the shortest in Marvel … Read more

Thor Love & Thunder: for Christian Bale, it’s easier to play the bad guys than the good guys

If Thor Love & Thunder is not expected before July 13 in France (the 8th in the United States), the world preview has already taken place in the United States on Friday June 24 and allowed the team to grant interviews and press conference. We had the pleasure of being invited by videoconference and therefore … Read more

Thor Love and Thunder: end clap for Chris Hemsworth and the god of thunder? The boss of the MCU responds!

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Terror gripped the film set of “Thor: Love and Thunder”

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Millie Bobby Brown confessed that her first love kiss was in fiction

The actress told the anecdote in an interview and surprised everyone. Since Millie Bobby Brown joined the cast of stranger things, his fame has not stopped increasing. In this way, she became one of the young women of the moment and with her talent she has inspired many girls her age. During an interview he … Read more

Chayanne returns 4 years later with his new song ‘I love you and period’

38 years of career that is said well and soon. That’s what you treasure Chayanne in the music industry as one of the greatest representatives of the Latin scene so far in four different decades and very soon in five (80s, 90s, 00s, 10s and 20s). Because the artist has confirmed his return 4 years … Read more

Adamari López and the desire to fall in love again after a year of the end of her relationship with Toni Costa

For almost 10 years, Adamari López and Toni Costa were among the most popular and beloved couples on television, getting married and having little Alaïa. And it is that the couple, who met in 2011 during the reality show “Look who is dancingWhere they were partners, they showed great chemistry, getting engaged three years later … Read more

“Thor: love and thunder”: 4 facts to remember before the premiere of the Marvel film

Trailer for the fourth installment of “Thor” with the return of various characters. (Marvel Studios) Directed by Taika Waititi, Thor: love and thunder (Thor: Love and Thunder) is one of the most anticipated releases of the year within the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU its acronym in English) that will hit theaters on July 7. [Más … Read more