Emma Watson ‘Fell In Love’ With Her ‘Harry Potter’ Co-Star And On-Screen Rival, But Claims Nothing ‘Never, Ever, Ever Happened Romantically’

Emma Watson Fell In Love With Her Harry Potter Co Star

English actress Emma Watson became famous in 2001 when Harry potter and the Philosopher’s Stone She debuted at just 10 years old, donning her dressing gown and making a name for herself as Hermione Granger, daughter of two Muggle dentists and ultimately a close friend of Harry Potter. During this first film, she “fell in … Read more

Robert Downey Jr. would return to Marvel in Thor: Love and Thunder; these are the tests

Robert Downey Jr would return to Marvel in Thor Love

Without a doubt one of the moments that marked the fans of Marvel was the sacrifice iron man made in Avengers: Endgame to save the world from the threat of Thanos putting on the GInfinity Gauntlet and snapping his fingers to erase all the devastation he had caused on Earth. This participation meant Goodbye Robert … Read more

How I Met Your Father: Episodes 1 and 2, Hilary Duff is looking for love in the HIMYM reboot, our verdict

How I Met Your Father Episodes 1 and 2 Hilary

How I Met Your Father Posted by Betty Ramez on January 21, 2022 at 1:01 p.m.. While the reboot of How I Met Your Mother has just been launched on Hulu, here is our verdict of the first two episodes! After several months of waiting, How I Met Your Father finally just launched on Hulu. … Read more

The actor and singer Meat Loaf, interpreter of the classic “Bat out of hell” and “I would do anything for love (but not that)” died

The actor and singer Meat Loaf interpreter of the classic

American rock and roll singer Meat Loaf attends a press conference to promote his latest album “Bat Out of Hell III: The Monster Is Loose” in Hong Kong on September 4, 2006 (REUTERS/Bobby Yip) Meat Loaf, the American rock star who rose to worldwide fame with his album “Bat Out of Hell,” has died at … Read more

“I’ve struggled with the idea of ​​love”: Jamie Lee Curtis shared a moving reflection on her parents – The Intranews

Ive struggled with the idea of ​​love Jamie Lee Curtis

U.S-. Jamie Lee Curtis excited his fans Instagram with a very precious memory for her. The actress posted a black and white photo of her late parents Tony Curtis Y Janet Leigh, and shared an exciting reflection. The writer took stock of how her family’s romantic relationships have affected how she views love today. “From … Read more

For the month of love: Here are the series and movies that arrive on Netflix in February

For the month of love Here are the series and

February is here and you know what that means: the celebration of the month of love to all that remains and the time to put together the marathon with your partner, friends, family and more. For this reason and as usual, the uncle Netflix will bring several premieres of series and movies for you to … Read more

The teenage love movie on Netflix that you cannot miss in 2022

The teenage love movie on Netflix that you cannot miss

The teenage love is always a big and small screen success. Its stories are usually very entertaining, because it has a good dose of comedy but also drama-laden events. Likewise, several viewers can identify with their stories or also with the main characters. For this reason, we have chosen a perfect film production to see … Read more

Marvel Reportedly Bringing Back Robert Downey Jr “Thor: Love and Thunder”

Marvel Reportedly Bringing Back Robert Downey Jr Thor Love and

Although Marvel has already moved on and is in a new phase, some actors from previous stages are unforgettable. Among them is Robert Downey Jr who came to the studio in 2008 to play Iron Man. While he wasn’t the first Avenger, he was the first to hit the big screen as part of the … Read more

Child actor of the Cine de Oro was the great love of “Chachita”, but did they get married?

Child actor of the Cine de Oro was the great

“you rich” is one of the films that marked the gold cinema and that continues in the memory of the public, not only because of the role of Pedro Infante, but also because of the scene between Freddy Fernandez Y Eva Munoz with which they made part of Mexican folklore the phrase “Little girl you … Read more