Perry Farrell and the return of Jane’s Addiction: “It is a beautiful time, because there is chaos, there is anarchy, but there is also love”

Perry Farrell and the return of Janes Addiction It is

One way or another, chaos seems doomed to rule the universe of Jane’s Addiction. With an exotic and hedonistic proposal, the band born in Los Angeles in 1985 did not take long to become one of the strongest pillars of the alternative culture of the nineties thanks to its own style where funk metal, psychedelia, … Read more

This is how Mary Austin, the great love of Freddie Mercury and heiress to his fortune, is today

This is how Mary Austin the great love of Freddie

He turned 72 years old. She was the great love of Freddie Mercury. Freddy Mercury he died on November 24, 1991, he was 45 years old. In his last days, his companions from Queen and the great love of his life remained by his side, Mary Austin. Farrokh Bulsara, Mercury’s real name, met Marya in … Read more

My Way is to Love You: They filter the FINAL chapter of the soap opera; this will happen with Gabriel Soto and Susana González

My Way is to Love You They filter the FINAL

After the first chapter of My way is to love you, Nicandro Díaz’s telenovela became one of the favorites of the Las Estrellas public, even breaking audience records. After four months of broadcasting, filter he final chapter of the soap operathey also reveal what is it will happen with the characters of Gabriel Soto and … Read more

The tragic story of Katia and Maurice Krafft, two scientists in love with volcanoes that ended up engulfed by lava

The tragic story of Katia and Maurice Krafft two scientists

Vitor Tavares Sao Paulo, BBC News Brazil 1 hour image source, Disney Caption, The last photo of Katia and Maurice Krafft. In 1985, an episode marked the life of the couple of volcanologists Katia and Maurice Krafft. The eruption of Nevado del Ruiz, in Colombia, left more than 23,000 deadin one of the greatest tragedies … Read more

Luz Casal, Rozalén, Love of Lesbian, Zaz and Ludovico Einaudi will blow out the candles at the XXX Festival Pirineos Sur

Luz Casal Rozalen Love of Lesbian Zaz and Ludovico Einaudi

South Pyrenees This year it reaches the symbolic figure of 30 editions. It has been more than three decades in which the International Festival of Cultures Pirineos Sur has served to publicize from the swamp of wool Y Sallent de Gallego, in the Tena Valley, the most interesting and rich sounds from all corners of … Read more

Movie thing: this is how Belinda revealed that she no longer believes in true love

Movie thing this is how Belinda revealed that she no

The last romance we knew of Belinda in which it seemed that he was very serious and there was even a commitment involved, it was with the also singer Christian Nodal. But just as everything started quickly, one day it fell apart and they even refused to keep tattoos that had been made in honor … Read more

The RAW movie on Netflix that will make you forgive your past and learn to love yourself

The RAW movie on Netflix that will make you forgive

Written in FAMILY LIFE the 1/18/2023 3:01 p.m. We all make mistakes, it is part of being human and of our learning path, but sometimes our mistakes are huge and it is very hard for us to forgive ourselves or others for their mistakes, and precisely that difficult forgiveness is what it is all about. … Read more

Sara Corrales said goodbye to her look from “My way is to love you”: her new image delighted fans

Sara Corrales said goodbye to her look from My way

The name of Sara Corrales has been closely linked to that of Gabriel Soto in recent months, due to rumors that the actors are in a loving relationship and that, even, she already introduced him to her mom. Sara Corrales changed her look: she no longer has the red hair of “My way is to … Read more

Will there be a Ghost remake? Channing Tatum would star in a new version of Shadow of Love

Will there be a Ghost remake Channing Tatum would star

Channing Tatum, famous for starring in the Magic Mike saga, returns after almost six years out of the spotlight and brings good news to the world of cinema. The actor is quite a celebrity in Hollywood and just when he was at the peak of popularity, he did something unheard of for any artist: he … Read more