“Mission Impossible”, long fuse of the profitable saga headed by Tom Cruise | The Cinema of What I Tell You

Mission Impossible long fuse of the profitable saga headed by

Dear Theo: We often forget that one of the Hollywood franchises that is in the best health is the one starring Tom Cruise for 27 years. With its ups and downs, the “Mission Impossible” saga is a marvelous execution of cinematographic action and, above all, the umpteenth demonstration that Tom Cruise is one of the … Read more

“He cursed me”, were Drake and Josh friends or did they lie for a long time?

He cursed me were Drake and Josh friends or did

Drake and Josh were friends or did they lie for a long time? They starred in one of the most popular comedy series and thousands of people around the world believed that off camera Drake Bell and Josh Peck they were as friends as on television, but the reality was completely different. The protagonists of … Read more

“It’s the worst movie ever.” Clint Eastwood acknowledges that it is the biggest mistake of his career and almost retired from the cinema because of him long before he became a Hollywood legend.

Its the worst movie ever Clint Eastwood acknowledges that it

Clint Eastwood He has become a legendary director and actor in his own right, but his beginnings were not exactly easy. In fact, he himself has confessed that during his early days he participated in a movie so bad that he seriously considered leaving his dreams behind in Hollywood and returning to the studios. “I … Read more

Is it for that long? 3 Reasons Why The New ‘Velma’ Animated Series Caused Controversy

1673647078 Is it for that long 3 Reasons Why The New

We live in a time full of nostalgia where the big entertainment companies are bringing back some of the series and movies that were part of our childhood/adolescence. Although yes, instead of offering the same, there are those who prefer to give their stories and characters a spin to offer something more to the viewers. … Read more

The Russo Brothers Won’t Be Making Another Marvel Movie For A Long Time

1667816671 The Russo Brothers Wont Be Making Another Marvel Movie For

Anthony and Joe Russo took over the ‘Avengers’ franchise after two very well received movies starring Captain America, ending a decade of stories with ‘Avengers: Endgame’getting one of highest grossing movies in history and giving us Thanos, one of best marvel villainsin all its glory. The brothers walked away Marvel Studios ever since, focusing on … Read more

30 days of night: why Josh Hartnett has long been away from Hollywood? – CineSeries

30 days of night why Josh Hartnett has long been

At the end of the 2000s, “30 Days of Night” was the last notable film in which Josh Hartnett appeared in the cinema. The actor is then discreet, in particular because he has trouble managing fame but also because some of his refusals have earned him a sidelining from the major Hollywood studios. 30 days … Read more

How long was the first live “Big Brother” gala that Channel 10 broadcast?

What is Elon Musks controversial plan for the Brazilian

Exclusive Content The note you are trying to access is exclusively for subscribers subscribe know our plansand enjoy El País without limits. Get into If you are already a subscriber you canSign in with your username and password. At the request of the fans, Channel 10 broadcast the first gala for the elimination of Big … Read more

Bill Murray’s on-set allegations continue to rock Hollywood: A look at his long history of celebrity feuds – Up News Info

Bill Murrays on set allegations continue to rock Hollywood A look

Bill Murray has recently been the victim of a barrage of on-set misconduct allegations. In April, production on the 72-year-old actor’s ‘Being Mortal’ directed by Aziz Ansari was halted indefinitely after a production worker filed a lawsuit accusing Murray of “inappropriate behavior”. Following the film’s suspension, a growing number of celebrities have spoken out about … Read more