PHOTO GALLERY: Tom Hiddleston is captured in recordings for Loki 2

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Lokithe God of Lies, brother of the God of Thunder, whom we met in 2011 thanks to the Marvel franchise of “Avengers” and “Thor”, played by Tom Hiddleston, He positioned himself as one of the favorites of the MCU as well as a possible key piece of Phase 5, despite being an antihero, he has … Read more

Owen Wilson receives “scolding” from Marvel for talking about “Loki”

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MEXICO CITY, August 17 (EL UNIVERSAL) .- Owen Wilson, who plays Mobius in the Disney + series, “Loki”, revealed that Marvel “called his attention” for telling secret details of the second season, which is expected arrive in the summer of 2023. The actor offered an interview to an American media where he stated that the … Read more

Marvel has repeatedly scolded Owen Wilson for sharing Loki spoilers

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Spoilers are a nightmare for the creators and fans of television series. It’s even worse if those spoilers come from the actors themselves. There is a scene from The Simpsons where Homer leaves the movie theater after seeing the premiere of the movie Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back, and next to the queue of … Read more

Filtered a spoiler of Loki 2 related to Eternals

Filtered a spoiler of Loki 2 related to Eternals

marvel moviesmarvel series A leak on the set of Loki 2 raises all alarms. It is about the unexpected appearance of a character from Eternals. A leaked photo on the set of Loki 2 has reached the internet through Reddit. This image has confirmed that the second season will feature the presence of a … Read more

The second season of ‘Loki’ connects with one of Marvel’s biggest failures

The second season of Loki connects with one of Marvels

The second season of the series Loki of Disney + has already begun filming in London. And how could it be otherwise, the first images of the set show some scenes that puzzled and fascinated the fans. These are some photographs in full production, which show that apparently the story will have an obvious connection … Read more

5 PHOTOS of Tom Hiddleston that show his RADICAL physical change before being Loki

Since he gave life to the role of “Loki”, Tom Hiddleston became one of the most popular actors and leading men in Hollywood, however, his single status is coming to an end as he himself has confirmed that he is engaged to actress Zawe Ashton, so it is the perfect time to see 5 Photos … Read more

Loki 2 confirms the return of all these characters

Loki 2 confirms the return of all these characters

Marvel Studios Marvel Studios has just confirmed the return of all these characters to Loki 2, the second season of Tom Hiddleston’s series. In an interview during the show Jimmy Kimmel Live!the actor Tom Hiddleston revealed that all the actors and actresses from the first season will return in Loki 2. All the characters are … Read more

The second season of Loki will be crazier than the previous one

The Marvel Studios series Loki first introduced us to the Marvel multiverse, and getting crazier with each episode, but will the same thing happen in season 2? The moment the Multiverse was first introduced as a concept for the MCU, viewers knew that things could get pretty crazy at any moment. The TVA of the … Read more

Neither Loki nor Dr. Strange: Elizabeth Moss is the teacher of alternative realities in this new Apple TV + series

Neither Loki nor Dr Strange Elizabeth Moss is the teacher

The cinema is full of stories of assaults, murders, betrayals, scams and all kinds of attacks. We like to see how a victim gets justice by hunting down the bad guy or at least helping the police do it. ‘The Luminous’ (Shining Girls) is one of these stories, but from the first five minutes you … Read more

LOKI: There is already a date for the start of production of season 2

Tom Hiddleston and company will start filming the second season of Loki sooner than we thought Last year, the Marvel Cinematic Universe plunged into the multiverse with series like Loki, which followed a variant of the god of deception who escaped with the Tesseract after the Battle of New York in 2012, after the raid … Read more