Tributes from within: bands that fill more than local (and international) groups | Metal Circus

Tributes from within bands that fill more than local and

The world of tribute bands seems totally alien to our scene given the high level of “hate” they receive on networks. But then their concerts are full of people, more than with underground bands that are born. We spoke with one of the most important promoters of this type of concert in our country, Ernest … Read more

Music festivals, new sources of data for the promotion of the local tourism sector

Joker 2 6 films in which Lady Gaga has acted

Both public bodies and private entities are betting on the hiring of specialized profiles in big data and use this analysis to obtain key parameters that allow the analysis of tourism growth in areas such as the Valencian Community, Andalusia or the Region of Murcia Music festivals and sporting events that bring together thousands of … Read more

Heirs of the mariachi will participate in a benefit concert for a local organization

Let me fly Fernando del Solar signed a letter of

Heirs of Mexican music will participate in a benefit gala in July Mariachi Scholarship Foundation. Lupita Infante, granddaughter of Pedro Infante, Rafael Jorge Negrete, grandson of Jorge Negrete, Juan Mendoza The Tariacurinephew of Amalia Mendoza, Gabriel Solis, son of Javier Solís, and José Alfredo Jiménez Médel, son of José Alfredo Jiménez, will participate in the … Read more

Better lunch in the colleges of Loir-et-Cher: a 100% local menu with chef Christophe Hay**

Better lunch in the colleges of Loir et Cher a 100 local

The second “Loir-et-Cher Lunch”, served to all half-boarders from the 26 colleges in the department, after that of 2018, not renewed due to Covid, was able to take place in the best possible conditions this Thursday 9 June, with a harmonization of dishes and recipes under the baton of the great chef Christophe Hay**. By … Read more

The Clandestine Hall of Ciudad Real suspends several concerts before a warning from the Local Police – Lanza Digital

The Clandestine Hall of Ciudad Real suspends several concerts before

Clandestine Room (JJ) 1 Share on Facebook share on twitter Share in mail share on whatsapp The Local Police has warned the owner of the establishment not to celebrate the concert that was scheduled to take place this Friday. Given this situation, the venue has suspended the two live music events with which the room … Read more

Concierto de José Luis Perales cambia de local: se presentará el 23 de marzo en el Plaza Arena del Jockey Club

Concierto de Jose Luis Perales cambia de local se presentara

El reconocido cantautor español José Luis Perales volverá a nuestro país en el marco de su última gira denominada “Baladas para una despedida – Tour Final”. El intérprete hará un recorrido por toda su extensa y célebre carrera en un inolvidable concierto el próximo 23 de marzo en el Plaza Arena del Jockey Club del … Read more

A ‘western paella’ and the adaptation of ‘Reina Roja’: variety of local accents in the Spanish bets of Amazon Prime Video

1642065514 A western paella and the adaptation of Reina Roja variety

Different accents, both visual and sound, are part of the six new original Spanish productions that Amazon Prime Video has advanced in Madrid before the media on Wednesday morning. A “western paella” and the adaptation of the successful literary trilogy Red Queen, from Juan Gómez-Jurado, are among the bets that the on-demand content service will … Read more

The ‘Vuelve Salamanca’ concert cycle begins in which local artists will promote “quality nightlife”

The Vuelve Salamanca concert cycle begins in which local artists

This weekend kicks off the celebration of the ‘Vuelve Salamanca’ concert cycle, which seeks to promote the recovery of the nightlife sector with live music performances. It will do so through a program that includes more than 40 artists, who will perform in the establishments attached to the ‘Salamanca at night’ brand. It is a … Read more

Less and less global: Spotify makes more local music listened to

Less and less global Spotify makes more local music listened

“Something that has changed a lot is sex, drugs and rock and roll,” says Carlos Galán, founder of the independent label Subterfuge. “Before you had four morons who were geniuses making music and it didn’t matter. Now you need a guy who, apart from composing and rehearsing, knows how to work his social networks with … Read more

A local Palace

A local Palace

VALENCIA. He Palau de la Música continues to fight to maintain its programming beyond the closure of its space, since June 2019, and now with the health situation. And those seem to be the reasons why this season of subscription has noticed a notable decrease in its level. This is how those responsible, Vicent Ros … Read more