Christopher Lloyd will be part of the third season of “The Mandalorian”

Starring Pedro Pascal, the series follows the journey of a Mandalorian and his unexpected companion throughout the galaxy. (DisneyPlus) Subscribe to Disney+, click here The Mandalorian adds another well-known star to its cast for new episodes coming soon to Disney+. According to recent information, Christopher Lloyd will appear in the third season that is currently … Read more

This is what Christopher Lloyd from ‘Back to the Future’ looks like at 83

Written in CINEMA / STREAMING the 3/19/2022 12:53 p.m. Christopher Lloyd He has a long and successful professional career in film, television and video games. The actor, who gave life to the popular character of the Doctor Emmett Brown in the “Back to the Future” trilogy, has a project on the horizon in the universe … Read more

What happened to the life of Danny Lloyd, the boy from The Shining

‘The glow‘ is one of the great classics of the horror genre. The film directed by Stanley Kubrick adapts a book by Stephen King and exposes the cruelty and torment of people who die violently. The stories surrounding the production of the well-remembered film continue to arouse curiosity, especially those of Shelley Duvall and Danny … Read more