We already have the first trailer for the HBO series on The Last of Us and it lives up to what we expected

We already have the first trailer for the HBO series.webp

The post-apocalyptic drama will arrive at the beginning of next year on HBO Max Spain and aims to leave us speechless. At last! HBO shared a few minutes ago the first trailer for The Last of Usthe TV adaptation of acclaimed video game from Naughty Dog which has just been released recently remake on ps5, … Read more

Harry Styles lives a double life in the new My Policeman trailer

Harry Styles is in the midst of the controversy surrounding Don’t Worry Darling at the 2022 Venice Film Festival. In this context of speculation and headlines, Amazon Prime Video took the opportunity to launch the first trailer for mypoliceman, the new film starring the British artist. The former One Direction is not only in a … Read more

If you liked the movie Thirteen Lives, you’ll love this National Geographic documentary

Matt Damon and Ben Affleck work together again entering fully

The films they are a great escape route, there are fictional stories that catch the audience, but when they are based on real events they take on a new meaning. It is often said that real life is stranger than fiction, which is why it is so attractive for producers and directors to base their … Read more

Get to know the LUXURY mansion where Bruce Willis lives with his WIFE Emma Heming after his retirement

Get to know the LUXURY mansion where Bruce Willis lives

At 67, the Hollywood actor, Bruce Willis decided to step away from the spotlight after being diagnosed with aphasia. Meet the luxurious mansion in Brentwood Park where it lives the actor with his wife Emma Heming after announcing his withdrawal of the cameras; here she also lives next to her two daughters, Evelyn Penn and … Read more

What happened to Supersubmarina: this is how the lives of its members have changed after the accident

Estereo Picnic among the 50 best festivals in the world

The Supersubmarine band were at the height of their career when a fateful accident It almost cost them their lives. Fortunately, they were able to recover, some more quickly and others have needed months to return to their previous activity. From that day in August 2016 to date, the lives of the members of this … Read more

She is 33 years younger than him and knows her “from other lives”: Richard Gere and the arrival of true love in adulthood

She is 33 years younger than him and knows her

Richard Gere, the eternal heartthrob who fell in love at maturity with a Spanish woman he had known since he was a girl (Getty Images) It is infallible. You just have to look for any ranking of the most iconic romantic scenes on the big screen for Richard Gere to appear. heading that and a … Read more

Where was “My Two Lives” recorded, the Netflix movie

Where was My Two Lives recorded the Netflix movie

Lili Reinhart is known for her role as Betty Cooper on the teen series “Riverdale”. However, now the actress points to different roles and the most recent is the one she plays in “my two lives”. Far from being the typical romantic film, the netflix movie It has a special message and beautiful locations that … Read more

The explained ending of My Two Lives, the currently furious Netflix movie

Viola Davis in talks with HBO Max for an Amanda

Netflix My Two Lives is the Netflix sensation movie where the protagonist follows two very different paths in her life. How does this story end? By Ezequiel Torres Policastro 08/22/2022 – 22:03 UTC 08/22/2022 – 22:03 UTC © IMDbmy two lives By Ezequiel Torres Policastro The movie of Netflix my two lives follows the alternatives … Read more

Millie Bobby Brown’s double (Stranger Things) lives in Spain, and her resemblance is more than evident

Millie Bobby Browns double Stranger Things lives in Spain and

Millie Bobby Brown is one of the actresses of the moment, an interpreter who rose to fame after starring stranger thingsand who conquered the audience with his character raise (don’t make me call her Eleven, because I refuse). After this paper we also saw her on Netflix in the movie Enola Holmeswhose sequel is underway, … Read more

Keanu Reeves lives up to his reputation once again with this awesome act

Keanu Reeves lives up to his reputation once again with

Excellent actor with cult roles in sagas such as Matrix Where John Wick, Keanu Reeves is best known for being one of the nicest public figures in the world. And it proves once again that this reputation is not the result of chance. New proof that Keanu Reeves’ reputation is not usurped If you still … Read more