Tucker Carlson Tells Russell Brand He Despises Ben Shapiro and Nikki Haley Because They’re Threatening the Lives of His Children

Tucker Carlson Tells Russell Brand He Despises Ben Shapiro and

Former Fox News host Tucker Carlson asserted that he had a “right to despise” GOP presidential candidate Nikki Haley and conservative commentator Ben Shapiro because they’re threatening the lives of his four children in an appearance on Russell Brand’s Awakened Wonders show. In a clip from their conversation shared by Brand, Carlson suggested that those supporting Israel … Read more

Murió el actor Bill Hayes, protagonista de la serie “Days of our lives”

Murio el actor Bill Hayes protagonista de la serie Days

Los actores de telenovelas Bill Hayes y Susan Seaforth Hayes, alias Doug y Julie Williams en “Days Of Our Lives”, posan para una sesión de retratos en su casa alrededor de 1978 en Los Ángeles, California (Foto de Maureen Donaldson/Getty Images) El actor Bill Hayes, conocido por su papel de Doug Williams en la telenovela … Read more

Where is the cast of Mrs. Doubtfire 30 years after the film’s release? From the tragic death of Robin Williams to Sally Field’s tumultuous relationship with Burt Reynolds, FEMAIL lays bare the stars’ lives

Where is the cast of Mrs Doubtfire 30 years after

Mrs. Doubtfire is one of Robin Williams’ most renowned films and it first hit theaters 30 years ago. The film follows divorced dad Daniel (Williams) who has limited access to his kids. In order to spend more time with them, he disguises himself as a British nanny named Mrs. Doubtfire whom ex-wife Miranda (Sally Field) … Read more

Jeffrey Wright (‘American Fiction’) vs. Greta Lee (‘Past Lives’) in close Gotham Awards race for Best Lead Performance

Jeffrey Wright ‘American Fiction vs Greta Lee ‘Past Lives in

Jeffrey Wright (“American Fiction”) and Greta Lee (“Past Lives”) are neck-and-neck in the Gotham Awards race for Best Lead Performance. That’s according to the combined predictions of Gold Derby users who have placed their bets here in our predictions center. Make or update your own predictions before the awards are handed out on November 27. … Read more

‘Rocky’ gave Sylvester Stallone more lives than a cat in Hollywood

Rocky gave Sylvester Stallone more lives than a cat in

Kino. Rocky, USA, 1976, Regie: John G. Avildsen, Darsteller: Sylvester Stallone, Carl Weathers. (Photo by FilmPublicityArchive/United Archives via Getty Images) Sylvester Stallone He went from sleeping on the streets in 1976 to becoming one of Hollywood’s new millionaires thanks to a single movie: rocky. The story of overcoming the humblest boxer in cinema changed his … Read more

The Titanic: the cursed ship that continues to claim lives and generate content for cinema

The Titanic the cursed ship that continues to claim lives

After the disappearance of a submersible tourist boat in the Atlantic, the curse of the Titanic has struck again. Five people on board the boat were “swallowed by the sea”. Ever since the Titanic fatally slipped beneath the frigid waves of the Atlantic in April 1912, the stricken ship has been the subject of fascination … Read more