Apple is making a live-action Godzilla series

Apple is making a live action Godzilla series

Godzilla is getting a live-action TV series. Apple reveals its ambitious plans for the so-called “Monsterverse”. The dismal box office performance of Godzilla: King of the Monsters was only a gross of 386 million dollars for a film with a budget of more than 200 million. This led to speculation that Legendary Pictures would conclude … Read more

Anthony Mackie wants to be Pantro in the ThunderCats live-action | Spaghetti Code

1642226510 Anthony Mackie wants to be Pantro in the ThunderCats live action

After many years since the iconic animated series of the ThunderCats came to an end, for better or worse the cosmic felines will finally have their own movie live-action. The details of the plot and the actors who will give life to the Cheetara, Lion-O, Tigro, Pumara or Pantro have not been revealed, but it … Read more

Live-action version of ‘Pinocchio’ hits theaters

1642183062 Live action version of Pinocchio hits theaters

Updated on 01/14/2022 11:33 am This 2022 brings great news for lovers of the seventh art. On January 20, the new adaptation of the classic fairy tale will hit the national billboard ‘Pinocchio’, which comes to life in the hands of Italian director Matteo Garrone and stars the Oscar winner for ‘Life is Beautiful‘, Roberto … Read more

We finally have a live-action Jujutsu Kaisen! Relive the epic combat of Maki Zenin

1641355480 We finally have a live action Jujutsu Kaisen Relive the epic

It’s so much better than a Netflix live-action! The new video RE Anime recreates one of Jujutsu Kaisen’s most celebrated fights in the Sports Festival Arc between the Tokyo School of Wizardry and the Kyoto School. One of the climactic points is the confrontation between Maki Zenin and Kasumi Miwa, the speedy swordswoman of the … Read more

What’s the best live-action Spider-Man movie? TOP 8

1639927115 Whats the best live action Spider Man movie TOP 8

Spider-Man: No Way Home has put an end to a new era of web launcher on the big screen. After Tobey Maguire Y Andrew Garfield, now it’s up to Tom Holland say goodbye as Spider-Man. Although there is some cheating here, because the young man who will play Nathan Drake in the adaptation of Uncharted … Read more

Mason Alexander Park ‘justified’ changes made to Cowboy Bebop in live-action – Kudasai

1637825458 Mason Alexander Park justified changes made to Cowboy Bebop in

Mason Alexander Park, the actor who participated in the controversial (because of how bad it is) live-action project produced by Netflix and based on the multimedia franchise of Cowboy Bebop, participated in a recent interview describing the reason for the changes to the character Grencia “Gren” Mars Elijah Guo Eckener, which he interpreted as a … Read more

Edward’s appearance in live-action Cowboy Bebop left fans speechless – Kudasai

Edwards appearance in live action Cowboy Bebop left fans speechless

On November 19 it finally premiered in the catalog of Netflix the adaptation to a live-action series based on the franchise of Sunrise, Cowboy Bebop. A common question from fans was “Where is Edward?“, Alluding to the fact that the character Edward Wong Hau Pepelu Tivrusky IV it never made an appearance in promotional materials. … Read more

The Spanish Sanji of the live-action of One Piece demonstrates his powerful kick

1637396987 The Spanish Sanji of the live action of One Piece demonstrates

Netflix’s One Piece live-action announcement has not been free of negative reactionsHowever, the selection of Spanish actor Taz Skylar as Sanji, the crew’s cook, took more than one person by surprise. Fortunately, he has ignored the criticism and is already preparing his best kicks for his performance.. Taz Skylar shared on his Instagram stories his … Read more

Greta Gerwig Joins As Screenwriter For Live-Action Version Of Snow White | Tomatazos

Greta Gerwig Joins As Screenwriter For Live Action Version Of Snow

We have many versions in the cinema about fairy tales, and Snow White is, perhaps, one of the characters that has more adaptations. From dark elements to plot twists to turn the protagonist into a warrior, this story is a classic that was marked by Disney and its Snow White and the Seven Dwarves – … Read more

Hold on, 2022: Everything we know about the live-action of ‘Pinocchio’ with Tom Hanks

1636683210 Hold on 2022 Everything we know about the live action of

Pinocchio is one of those classic stories that we know almost literally, regardless of age and generation to which we belong. And in that sense, perhaps we owe a lot to the iconic animated adaptation that Disney released in 1940. Well, as several will surely recall, the Mickey Mouse studio is targeting a live-action for … Read more