Knights of the Zodiac: A live-action film with Sean Bean and Famke Janssen

Knights of the Zodiac A live action film with Sean Bean

When news of a live-action adaptation of a manga or anime is announced, fans take it with both excitement and awe, as over the years some titles have proven that it is better not to not touch it (Dragon Ball Z among others). However, with the next adaptation of Knights of the Zodiac (Knights of … Read more

The Knights of the Zodiac: share the first image of the live-action film

1632424712 The Knights of the Zodiac share the first image of

¬°Vuelve Saint Seiya! Knights of the Zodiac, the popular anime based on Masami Kurumada’s manga, will have a live-action movie made in the West. For now, in social networks, a first image is circulating of what the adaptation to the big screen will be like. In accordance with The Hollywood Reporter, actors Sean Bean (Game … Read more

Reasons why Shang Chi is the live-action anime we expected | Tomatazos

Reasons why Shang Chi is the live action anime we

There are certain media that Hollywood has not yet figured out how to adapt satisfactorily. The two that always come to mind are video games and anime. In recent times it is becoming clear to me that with them, Hollywood is more successful if it only takes them as inspiration than if it tries to … Read more

Ubisoft’s Driver driving saga will have its own live-action television series – MeriStation

1631714374 Ubisofts Driver driving saga will have its own live action television

The mythical saga of driving arcade Driver from Ubisoft will hit the small screen in the form of live action series hand in hand with the Australian streming platform Binge. This has been announced by the medium Deadline, ensuring that it is the first of a series of adaptations of different video games which aims … Read more

In development a new Amazon live-action TV series about She-Ra without He-Man – MeriStation

1631615568 In development a new Amazon live action TV series about She Ra

She-Ra, the alter ego of the prince’s twin sister Adam/He-Man, you will have your own live action series run by Amazon Prime Video next to Dreamworks Animation. This was announced exclusively by the medium Variety, offering the first details of a project that is still in a very early stage of its development. And it … Read more

The live-action of ‘The little mermaid’ already has a release date; Disney reschedules other movies

1631355812 The live action of The little mermaid already has a release

From here to pa’lla, from there to … Without a doubt, the schedule of film premieres is not an easy thing for any studio, but someone has to do it, especially if your name is Disney and you have in your sights a lot of productions full of expectation, such as the eternally commented live-action … Read more

Donnie Yen da detalles sobre el live-action de Sleeping Dogs

Donnie Yen da detalles sobre el live action de Sleeping Dogs

The famous video game franchise Sleeping Dogs will hit Hollywood in a matter of time. This great movie star confirmed that he is at the center of the project. Espionage, Corrupt Cops and Asian Mafia. Without a doubt, these elements could create brutal content, whatever the platform. However, it is neither a movie nor a … Read more

Disney Announces Live-Action Prequel Series Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea | Tomatazos

Disney Announces Live Action Prequel Series Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the

Disney studios are ready for their next big project and boy, is it just as ambitious as the best. According to new information from The Hollywood Reporter, the company is developing a prequel series of Twenty thousand leagues of underwater travel, the adventure classic written by Jules Verne which today has countless followers around the … Read more

‘Avatar: the Last Airbender’: Netflix announces cast and first details of live-action series based on ‘The Last Airbender’

Avatar the Last Airbender Netflix announces cast and first details

If after the abominable adaptation signed by M. Night Shyamalan under the title of ‘Airbender, the last warrior’ in 2010 you have not caught an atrocious panic to the adaptations in real action of prestigious animation series, the news that I bring you below may be to your liking; why Netflix just announced the names that will lead the cast of ‘Avatar: The Last Airbender’.

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