Star Wars fans want Christian Bale in live-action Thrawn | Pretty Reel

Star Wars fans want Christian Bale in live action Thrawn

If Christian Bale is going to spark a conversation about how he could join the Star Wars franchise, many fans will respond by calling for his casting as the live-action incarnation of Grand Admiral Thrawn. Recently, Bale shared his thoughts on Star Wars and named an interesting choice for a desired role to play in … Read more

This is what the live-action of ‘Jujutsu Kaisen 0’ would look like

This is what the live action of Jujutsu Kaisen 0 would

How many people wouldn’t like to see a live-action adaptation of the hit anime ‘Jujutsu Kaisen’? A social media user made a video to give us a little idea of ​​what the movie would be like. Jujutsu Kaisen 0, directed by Sung-ho Park and released in theaters last March, has been a great success for … Read more

One Punch Man already has its own official live-action version, although it is the most ridiculous thing you will see today

1664328867 One Punch Man already has its own official live action version

… it looks like one of those movies that come out on orange youtube… One-Punch Man has finally gotten its Live-Action adaptation, though we don’t think it’s what fans were expecting (or even thinking). As we well know, Saitama he is one of the strongest warriors in his universe and many others within the manga … Read more

First trailer for ‘The Little Mermaid’, Disney’s new live-action that arrives in 2023

First trailer for The Little Mermaid Disneys new live action that

Disney has presented the first trailer of The little Mermaidthe new live action remake of the House of Mouse from one of his cartoon classics. The tape, which was released in 1989has become one of the most beloved of the study, being at the same time one of the most influential in the history of … Read more

Pinocchio. Where to see the new live-action with Tom Hanks

Let me fly Fernando del Solar signed a letter of

Digital Millennium Mexico / 08.09.2022 20:26:10 At last! the classic tape Pinocchio receive your version in live actionwhich promises a lot for all Disney fans, because the performance of Tom Hanks and speculation about what it could be, they make it something special and we tell you what you should know. What is Pinocchio about? … Read more

They release the first trailer for the bloody live-action Winnie the Pooh

They release the first trailer for the bloody live action Winnie

You better get ready because your inner child is about to be shocked. This morning the first trailer for ‘Winnie the Pooh: Blood and Honey’ was released, the bloody live-action based on the likeable characters of AA Milne. For months the director of Winnie the Pooh: Blood and HoneyRhys Waterfield, had confirmed that the filming … Read more

Disney+ premieres in September 2022: 20 films, series and documentaries such as ‘Thor: Love and Thunder’, ‘Andor’ or the live-action ‘Pinocchio’ movie

1655010171 If this thing is a hit you can do four

There are still a few days until August comes to an end, but the different streaming platforms have to make their premieres september 2022. The first to kick off has been Disney+, where 20 films, series and documentaries will arrive like the last film marvel or the live-action remake of ‘Pinocchio’. Before focusing on the … Read more

Aladdin, The Lion King… The best live-action Disney remakes

Aladdin The Lion King The best live action Disney remakes

Year: 2019 Duration: Two hours and 7 minutes Theme: Adventure, action, animals, musical Recommended age: For ages nine and up Watch The Lion King on Disney+ Aladdin Aladdin is one of the great Disney classics that all the children of the eighties and nineties once saw. But since 2019 it is also one of the … Read more

Tokyo Revengers will have a second live-action movie in 2023 — Kudasai

Tokyo Revengers will have a second live action movie in 2023

The popular Japanese leaker Ryokutya confirmed from a leak in the next issue of the magazine Weekly Shōnen Magazine that a second live-action film based on the manga written and illustrated by ken wakui, tokyo avengers, is in production. The premiere is scheduled for the year 2023 in theaters in Japan, while the production team … Read more

‘The Knights of the Zodiac’ and its live-action: we still don’t have a trailer but this one behind the scenes makes us fear the worst

Estereo Picnic among the 50 best festivals in the world

In the San Diego Comic Con 2022Toei Animation was present with its new project of ‘The Knights of the Zodiac’, a movie live action which is scheduled for release sometime in 2023. including the plans of Sony and Toei aim to have six movies with the franchise. Everything will depend on the response of the … Read more