The most disturbing and unknown film on Prime Video is this suffocating fable about the monotony of adult life

The most disturbing and unknown film on Prime Video is

When a few years ago, in 2019, ‘swallow‘ went through the Sitges festival, viewers left the screenings with a lump in their throats. That did not prevent it from being nominated for Best Film at the Festival, but the respectable reaction is not surprising: this fable builds on the metaphor of not being able to … Read more

After a lost bet, Ryan Reynolds has a colonoscopy that may have saved his life

After a lost bet Ryan Reynolds has a colonoscopy that

“I made a bet. I lost. But it still paid off.” Actor Ryan Reynolds underwent a colonoscopy after a lost pledge. A screening that possibly prevented the actor from developing a cancerous tumor. Mathis Thomas Written on 09/27/2022 Actor Ryan Reynolds Wants To Kick Colorectal Cancer Butt — Instagram: @vancityreynolds Did Deadpool save his skin … Read more

‘The Empress’: This was Sissi’s life according to the Netflix series

The period series They have an addictive factor by themselves, since it is common for us to be curious to know how different societies lived in other times and seeing it in an image is the best way to reconstruct it. For this reason, between those that make a very faithful historical representation and those … Read more

Success and tragedy: this was the life of Christopher Reeve, DC’s iconic Superman

DirecTV confirms that it eliminates EWTN from its programming from

Christopher Reeve was raised by his mother after his parents divorced in 1956. He studied at the Princeton Day School, where he worked as an assistant to the director of the institute’s orchestra. In addition to singing in a local choir as a baritone and working since he was a teenager, he debuted as an … Read more

Jeffrey Dahmer: the tragic life of Tracy Edwards, the victim who escaped from the murderer portrayed by Netflix

Jeffrey Dahmer the tragic life of Tracy Edwards the victim

The first chapter ofDahmer”, the biographical series premiered in Netflix on September 21, about the life of the serial killer Jeffrey Dahmerbegins by explaining to us how the call came to an end ‘Milwaukee Cannibal’ thanks to the fact that one of his possible victims was able to escape from him, denounce him and finally … Read more

Rosario Flores: “‘De Ley’ was the album that really saved my life”

Mark Zuckerberg thinks there are people who shouldnt be working

Madrid, Sep 25 (EFE) .- On the 30th anniversary of her first album, the Spanish singer Rosario Flores receives awards -Latin Grammy for Musical Excellence 2022- with projects such as a documentary that will reveal her personal intimacy and and an album to celebrate that “De Ley” (1992) with “national and international artists”. “It was … Read more

Margot Robbie confessed that the leaked photos of ‘Barbie’ were the most humiliating of her life

Margot Robbie confessed that the leaked photos of Barbie were

Since it was announced that the live action of BarbieMattel’s most famous doll, was about to be shot, the movie became the center of attention and one of the most anticipated productions of the Warner brothers, for the next 2023. Although very little is known about the plot and history, starring actress Margot Robbie and … Read more

This film with Tom Cruise, which flopped in the United States in 2017 but is currently a hit on Netflix, finally changed the life of the Top Gun actor

This film with Tom Cruise which flopped in the United

2022 is the year of Tom Cruise. Here we are at the end of a summer dominated by the small giant of the cinema, Tom Cruise. Top Gun: Maverick which single-handedly drew crowds to movie theaters around the world. But it took a nadir to get there. Cruise has worn movies his entire professional life, … Read more

The terrible accident suffered by Milla Jovovich’s double in Resident Evil that ruined her life

If there are people who deserve recognition within the industry, they are the stunt doubles. These risk their lives daily to perform pirouettes, stunts or actions that can put anyone at risk, even the actors in the movies, who are contractually prohibited from performing them, because the studios cannot afford to have a star sick … Read more