Lo que sabemos sobre “Strange Way of Life”, la nueva película de Pedro Pascal y Ethan Hawke

Lo que sabemos sobre Strange Way of Life la nueva

En los últimos años, Pedro Pascal se ha convertido en uno de los actores más cotizados de Hollywood, demostrando su capacidad al interpretar personajes en producciones como “Buffy, la cazavampiros”, “The Mandalorian”, “Wonder Woman 1984″, “The Last of Us”, entre otros, además de confirmarse que será protagonista en “Strange Way of Life”, la nueva cinta … Read more

A former All Blacks player came out as gay: “It’s hard to live a double life, or live a lie”

1675187140 A former All Blacks player came out as gay Its

Campbell Johnstone, former All Blacks player, came out as gay (@campbelljohnstone.nz) Almost 10 years after his retirement from professional rugby, after a great career that has led him to become a member of the All Blacksformer New Zealand player campbell johnstone He came out openly gay and shocked the world. The former pillar of 43 … Read more

Elena Ferrante’s novels found a home on Netflix: what is “The lying life of adults” like?

Elena Ferrantes novels found a home on Netflix what is

Elisabetta Povoledo, The New York Times / Romelike the novel by Elena Ferrante on which it is based, the first line of The lying life of adults of Netflix It is delivered by the precocious teenage protagonist, Giovanna, who listens behind the door as her parents talk about her. “Before leaving home, my father told … Read more

Who is Bella Ramsey? Movies, series, life and career of the actress of “The Last of Us”

Who is Bella Ramsey Movies series life and career of

What should you know about HBO’s “The Last of Us” series? 2:07 (CNN Spanish) — There is no doubt about it: “The Last of Us” is one of the series that is being talked about the most today. His first chapter just just released on january 15 and already has the support of critics. On … Read more

The Resident on TF1: who is Jessica Lucas, the interpreter of Billie who will turn Conrad’s life upside down?

To see on Disney from January 13 to 19

In episode 6 of season 4 of “The Resident”, broadcast tonight at 9:55 p.m. on TF1, viewers will meet a new character: Billie Sutton. A friend of Nic played by Jessica Lucas, seen in “Melrose Place” and “Gotham”. While the future of the series is currently uncertain in the United States, season 4 of The … Read more

This is the life and career of Pedro Pascal, protagonist of The Last of Us: movies, series, family

1673903278 This is the life and career of Pedro Pascal protagonist

“The Last Of Us”: this is what Pedro Pascal looks like sees the first trailer of the series 1:05 (CNN Spanish) — After more than a year of waiting since we saw the first image of the series, The Last of Us finally premiered this Sunday night in Mexico and the United States. Pedro Pascal … Read more

The tragic life of Lisa Marie Presley: drugs, the suicide of a son and four failed marriages – La Tercera

The tragic life of Lisa Marie Presley drugs the suicide

During this Thursday’s day, the family of Lisa Marie Presleythe only daughter of the king of rock’n’roll, Elvis Presleyconfirmed that He died at the age of 54 in a Los Angeles hospital.California, after suffering a heart attack. Your death not only caused a stir in the world of show because she was the direct descendant … Read more

The life, the house and the heart of Anna Magnani in Madrid

1673753999 The life the house and the heart of Anna Magnani

“Women who laugh out loud are still dangerous.” She groundbreaking then and now. After four successful years, having brought “Magnani Aperta” to Rome and New York, the show had to be canceled on March 7, 2020 due to the pandemic. Now returns to say goodbye definitively, the House of “la Magnani” in Madrid has been … Read more