She came back one night: Mirtha Legrand and her dazzling returned to TV

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Montevideo Portal The program exceeded two hours and its beginning could not be more exciting. The first thing that was heard was the classic musical curtain of the show and the cameras revealed a renewed set in which there was no lack of a large gate with the capital letters M and L drawn, one … Read more

Mirtha Legrand returned to television and received Maluma’s greeting

Mirtha Legrand returned to television and received Malumas greeting

Nine months after his last airing with his granddaughter Juana Viale, Mirtha Legrand returned to television. The diva of lunches was present last year in the year-end specials of the program, but haven’t driven it since 2019 when the arrival of pandemic took her away from the small screen. It all started at 9:30 p.m. … Read more

Mirtha Legrand snubbed Alberto Fernández and revealed what question she would ask Cristina Kirchner

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In the anteroom to your Return to television, Mirtha Legrand gave this Thursday an interview to Telenoche and surprised to reveal that he would like to have Cristina Kirchner at his table, but not President Alberto Fernández. “La Chiqui” said that two years ago she had invited the president to participate in one of the … Read more

“I will tell great secrets”: Mirtha Legrand, hilarious in the House of the Dragon promo

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Thursday, August 18, 2022 12:51 On the eve of the launch of one of the most anticipated productions, The House of the Dragon, Mirtha Legrand appeared by surprise for the promotional post of this Game of Thrones prequel series, which will arrive on the HBO streaming platform this coming August 21 . “I am going … Read more

Mirtha Legrand targeted eltrece and, without naming him, against Adrián Suar: “I was disappointed”

Mirtha Legrand targeted eltrece and without naming him against Adrian

If there is a characteristic that defines Mirtha Legrand is sincerity above all, and his opinion on the failed negotiation with eltrece for his continuity in the channel, did not escape the rule. It is that the diva of lunches did not hide his discomfort for not having been able to reach an agreement and … Read more

Mirtha Legrand: wants to return to television but her grandson, Nacho Viale, does not give her answers: “Channel 13 is waiting for her, he does not answer”

pampitotook it upon himself to reveal that Mirtha Legrandthe diva of lunches wants to return to television and even periodically writes on WhatsApp with Adrian suaraccording to the journalist, the chueco always tells him that “these days it is solved”, but the truth behind this is that his grandson is the one who does not … Read more

The carelessness of Mirtha Legrand that embarrasses her in front of the whole country

The carelessness of Mirtha Legrand that embarrasses her in front

From Mirtha Legrand many things can be said, but what cannot be criticized is that he always looks impeccable on camera. The lunch diva she is a very flirtatious woman, who takes great care of her figure and her imageto the point that even on those occasions when she had to be hospitalized for health … Read more

The pass of the year? Mirtha Legrand could land on América TV

1647468668 The pass of the year Mirtha Legrand could land on

Marina Calabro gave some indications of what may be the television pass of the year. In dialogue with Florencia de la V and the panelists from Intruders in the Showby America TV, He said that in that same signal they confirmed that there is an offer standing: they want Mirtha Legrand to do specials once … Read more

The surprising confession of Juana Viale about the return to TV of Mirtha Legrand

1639937945 The surprising confession of Juana Viale about the return to

On Saturday night one of the television events of the year took place: the return of Mirtha legrand to the screen of eltrece to conduct the last 2021 program of its cycle Mirtha’s night. However, the lunch diva didn’t do it alone. His granddaughter Juana Viale -who has been in charge of the The night… … Read more

The brilliant return of Mirtha Legrand to television

1639930653 The brilliant return of Mirtha Legrand to television

Finally, and after almost four months of his last appearance, Mirtha Legrand returned to the small screen this Saturday night and received the actor and film producer Ricardo Darín; the singer Diego Torres; the actor and conductor of 100 Argentines say, Darío Barassi; and also to Jey Mammon, who this year had his success with … Read more