‘Today you left me and with your departure so many things remain unfinished that we needed to live,’ says Marlon Acosta about the death of his best friend, presenter Miguel Cedeño | People | Entertainment

It was on social networks that the news of his death was initially leaked. Later, close friends confirmed the death of the Ecuadorian communicator Miguel Cedeno. The presenter of the entertainment program From mouth to mouthwho was always passionate about his profession, had been diagnosed with lymphatic cancer in 2021, and a few weeks ago … Read more

“Elvis has left the building”: the King’s last concert

That June 26, 1977, the Elvis who took the stage at the Market Square Arena in Indianapolis was hardly a shadow of the King of Rock. But a single flash of his overstuffed suit was still synonymous with charisma, magic and musical passion. That’s why that last show attracted nearly 20,000 people who did not … Read more

Sergio Catalán left soap operas 13 years ago and now sells ice cream: this is what he looks like at 49

Sergio Catalán was quite a telenovela heartthrob in the 90s and the mid-2000s. The actor gained fame at the age of 24 with his role as Diego de la Mora in ‘Bendita Mentira, where he shared the screen with Mariana Levy and Angélica María. After moving away from acting, Sergio Catalán did not really say … Read more

What to see if you were left wanting more Miles Teller after Top Gun: Maverick

The sequel to TopGun continues to break records and is already positioned as the highest grossing movie of the year in the United States. And this is largely due to Tom Cruise reincarnates the character that led him to be recognized worldwide, pilot Peter “Maverick” Mitchell. However, Cruise was not the only one to shine … Read more

Shakira: the decision that the singer made with the man who left her a painted message in her house (and who harasses her)

In the last weeks, Shakira’s life has completely changed after announcing her separation from Gerard Piqué after a 12-year relationship and two children together. The decision to end her affair with the FC Barcelona player, supposedly as a result of his constant infidelities, He made his love life exposed and his followers showed him their … Read more

“In the background there is room”: the memes left by the return of the series

The new season of “There is room in the background” caused many expectations among the public. Proof of this is that despite the fact that the Peruvian production was off the air for almost six years, the series achieved 30 rating points in its first episode. Users were excited by the return of the remembered … Read more

La Voz Argentina: he almost left the casting because he felt discriminated against and then Ricardo Montaner struck him down

As the blind auditions progress in The Argentine Voice, fewer and fewer places remain available in each of the teams. For this reason, the coaches are increasingly demanding when it comes to turning their seats, but also in each of their returns. This Thursday, Thomas Spagnol, an 18-year-old from Entre Ríos who began studying music … Read more

“They told me he was very small, but now I’m looking for her”: Chayanne confesses that they left him at the age of 13 and that he had another love before Marilisa Maronesse | People | Entertainment

Though it’s hard to believe Chayanne He has suffered several love disappointments in his youth. His most beloved Latin American idol shared with his admirers what he had to experience when he was just a teenager who knew nothing about love. This confession recalls the story that Mexican actress Lucía Méndez also told about the … Read more

The photo of Margot Robbie characterized as Barbie that left her followers breathless

The actress was captured on the recording set (Photo Instagram @margotrobbieofficial) Barbie is the iconic doll with which a great number of generations grew up since its release in 1959. It is a firm that knew how to create an empire in the children’s world. Such is its popularity that each related content is all … Read more

Tom Cruise, Harrison Ford… Hollywood trusts its stars. But how many do you have left?

The first time we saw Tom Cruise fly an F-18 fighter on the big screen was 36 years ago. Almost three decades have passed since doctors Alan Grant (Sam Neill), Ellie Sattler (Laura Dern) and Ian Malcolm (Jeff Goldblum) discovered the charms –and dangers– of Jurassic Parkand more than four leads Jamie Lee Curtis fleeing … Read more