Angelina Jolie once felt that adopting her son led her into hard times with ex-husband Billy Bob Thornton – Home

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Angelina Jolie once thought she had found the love of her life in her ex-husband Billy Bob Thornton. But her marriage to the actor may have changed after she adopted her first child, Maddox. Angelina Jolie thought she was destined to be alone after her divorce from Billy Bob Thornton angelina-jolie | Marilla Sicilia/Getty Images … Read more

The reasons that led Jennifer Aniston to distance herself from Brad Pitt again

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The “Friends” actress reappeared on the scene near her ex-husband after the actor’s crisis with Angelina Jolie. But the illusion generated by the new moment “Braniffer” was truncated Jennifer Aniston is living her best moment. She feels happy and full. “Her friends are vital,” she said in a video that shows photos of her surrounded … Read more

Helen Mirren and her humility with Queen Elizabeth II led her to the Oscar

Helen Mirren and her humility with Queen Elizabeth II led

Since 2006, some sixteen years before the death of the Queen isabel II On September 8, there is a film that has been burned into the memory of cinephiles as a cinematographic reference of the monarch. And not so much because of the story but because of the interpretation that she humanized her figure through … Read more

These unreleased Led Zeppelin videos will take you back in time: “They have to be out there”

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Another musical jewel has seen the light. A lost video of Led Zeppelin playing in Los Angeles in 1970 has seen the light after more than five decades in the shadows. (via Ultimate Classic Rock) The band’s show at the Inglewood Forum had already been released, in audio format, on a recording known as ‘On … Read more

Led Zeppelin: reveal images of the Los Angeles concert in 1970

Led Zeppelin reveal images of the Los Angeles concert in

It’s the last concert in decades for the band to have footage restored and posted online this year. Pictures of the concert Led Zeppelin from 1970 at the Inglewood Forum in Los Angeles have been restored and posted online; you can see them below. Earlier this year, they were unearthed and uploaded to the Internet … Read more

Coldplay in Peru: Band led by Chris Martin sold out new batch of tickets in just minutes

Coldplay in Peru Band led by Chris Martin sold out

Just a week until Coldplay arrive in Peru to offer two concerts at the National Stadium, the producer in charge of the event released new tickets for the musical show of the British group; however, these sold out in just minutes and the virtual queue exceeded 100,000 users. The group led by Chris Martin will … Read more

Piqué’s phrase that sparked the crisis with Shakira and led to the stormy separation

Piques phrase that sparked the crisis with Shakira and led

Piqué and Shakira spent 12 years together and had two children Every gesture, every trivial procedure of the life of Gerard Pique and Shakira becomes news after the scandalous separation of the couple after 12 years of relationship. Especially before the officialization of the new link of the footballer with Clara Chia Marti, 23, her … Read more

Robert Plant is not “stimulated” by Led Zeppelin and that is why he will not reunite the band

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ORA new Led Zeppelin reunion is not going to take place and it will not be the fault of the lack of money at the table, but a matter of “stimulation”. At least that’s what he claims Robert Plantwho was the singer of the band, who affirms that a return of the group would not … Read more

A mistake in an Avengers scene led to weeks of CGI to fix Black Widow’s hair

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The Marvel Cinematic Universe began to take hold with the arrival of The Avengersthe movie that first showed this group of heroes coming together to stop a bigger threat. This was how the battle of New York began, where Iron Man, Captain America, Hulk, Black Widow, Thor and Hawkeye faced Loki and his Chitauri armyan … Read more

Great Straits is the tribute band to the Mark Knopfler group led by Óscar Rosende

A sensational concert by Great Straitsthe band from Coruña that leads Oscar Rosende, was part this Saturday, in Esther Pita de Oleiros square, of the XXVIII edition of potterswhich ends this Sunday. not his own Guy Fletcherkeyboard player Dire Straits since 1984, he was able to distinguish Brothers in Band – the background of Great … Read more