Sandra Echeverría does not rest; she launches a new single while preparing the premiere of María Félix’s bioseries

Without a doubt, Sandra Echeverria live one of the most important moments in your successful career pathand in addition to having very important projects on the horizon, such as the bioseries of Maria Felixwhere he will play the ladyreturns to his facet as a singer with the launch of a New single and prepares an … Read more

Exile Content Studio launches a new original series in Spanish

ExileContentStudio, a Spanish and English content firm for a global audience on multiple platforms (TV, cinema, audio and digital), officially launched “La Casa de los Creadores”, a new three-episode short-form digital series in Spanish. Produced in Mexico with the participation of seven renowned content creators, each episode lasts between 8 and 10 minutes. The series … Read more

The wrath of God: this is the film with Peretti that Netflix launches

By Francisco Vidal “Being a writer is like playing God“. That phrase, which has already been said many times, sums up how fiction gives the narrator power to handle characters, stories and even universes. But what happens if that border is crossed? And if someone really goes beyond of the stories and want to decide … Read more

South Korean band BTS launches its first anthology ‘Poof’ | Music | Entertainment

The South Korean band BTS published today Friday prooftheir first anthology, made up of 48 cuts spread over three discs that cover the group’s career, and which also includes three new singles. On the tracks collected in proof are the main singles of the band released since 2013, some remastered or in unreleased versions; more … Read more

“What are you doing now? Nothing”: Laura Bozzo launches against Alicia Machado in ‘The House of the Famous 2’

The host Laura Bozzo He has become one of the most controversial personalities in the Telemundo reality show “La Casa de los Famosos” thanks to the clashes he has starred in. And this time the target of his criticism was the former Miss Universe, Alicia Machado. What did he say about her? Read on to … Read more

The Roku Channel Launches Espacio Latino with Free Movies, Soap Operas and More

The Roku Channel expands with the launch of Latin Space, a section dedicated to the Spanish-speaking public in the United States. Among other things, you can enjoy movies and soap operas for free. Due to the great demand for content in Spanish by users, The Roku Channel has been forced to expand its catalog with … Read more

Christian Nodal launches ‘warning’ about Belinda in his new song and compared it to the case of Johnny Depp and Amber Heard

After what Christian Nodal premiered “Girasol”, this controversial song continues to give a lot to talk about. Since he not only answers J Balvin, but also ensures that, if he goes to a legal lawsuit against Belindahe would win that battle. Despite the fact that the central theme of the new “cowboy” single is to … Read more

A Spanish group launches Fimusic, a hub for artists that promises to revolutionize the music industry

A group of Spanish entrepreneurs has launched fimusic. It is a platform for artists that promises to revolutionize the music industry. Away from the classic system of record labels, this ecosystem turns with innovation linked to technology to unleash new talent and jump-start the careers of a new generation of music stars. «Fimusic is a … Read more

The Colombian rock band Faxsia launches its new single ‘Silvia’ » Here you find out first!

‘Silvia’ is the new single by the Colombian rock band Faxsia, where they narrate a personal story of the band’s vocalist, Sebastián, and which represents a kind of tribute to those people who are no longer with us in life, but who have left an indelible mark on us. Silvia was a very special person … Read more

Colombian band launches NFT collection of its new musical production

Is about devirtualThe Colombian progressive rock band is presenting its new work ‘Frente al noise del canyon’, a musical work divided into a 3-song mini EP, which will also be available as an NFT collection and will include exclusive audiovisual pieces, a short film and the complete song in one piece, among other elements of … Read more