For allowing a concert by a Russian choir, the Ukrainian embassy in Mexico launched itself against the Ministry of Culture

For allowing a concert by a Russian choir the Ukrainian

The Embassy of Ukraine in Mexico condemned the permission granted by the Ministry of Culture to a Russian choir for a presentation at Cenart (PHOTO: ANDREA MURCIA / CUARTOSCURO.COM) Almost nine months have passed since Russian Army troops, commanded and led by Vladimir Putin, started a warlike conflict on Ukrainian territory. “Put your complaint wherever … Read more

“It’s not the one from the pharmacy”: fans launched a stuffed animal from Chavo del 8 at the Phoenix concert in CDMX

Its not the one from the pharmacy fans launched a

Apparently the gang already knew about the lore of the dolls so they were waiting for Dr. Simi. (Photo: TikTok screenshot @_andresreyna_) throw dolls of dr simi was in the past, today’s stuffed animals Chavo del 8or at least that’s what some fans tried at the concert of the French band, phoenix on October 18 … Read more

Stefy Xipolitakis launched herself as a singer: “I’m risking everything to make my dream come true”

Stefy Xipolitakis launched herself as a singer Im risking everything

The media launched its first musical theme with a video clip that stars alongside Markitos Navaja From early 2022 Stefy Xipolitakis provided some clues through social networks about the music release that would see the light this year. The month of September was chosen to make the dream of making his first song known as … Read more

If Julia Roberts and George Clooney had rejected ‘Journey to Paradise’, the Cher method would have been launched: “There was no Plan B”

If Julia Roberts and George Clooney had rejected Journey to

The actors star in the new romantic comedy from Ol Parker, director of ‘Mamma Mia! And again’. We spoke with him and the cast of the film. In theaters this Friday! When Ol Parker set to writing and developing his new romantic comedy, Julia Roberts and George Clooney were already cast in his head as … Read more

The dark prediction about his life launched by a Marvel actor

An actor from Marvel Studios launched a gloomy omen about his own life and assured that he will die young because of fame. The dark statement shocked everyone. In a recent interview with The New York Times, the actor Jonathan Majorswho plays Kang the Conqueror in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, released curious statements about his … Read more

The producer of Gente de Zona, Dale Pututi, tells why he is launched as a singer

The producer of Gente de Zona Dale Pututi tells why

IE 11 is not supported. For an optimal experience visit our site on another browser. UP NEXT “I already feel very winning”: Becky G says how it feels to be a finalist at the 2022 Billboard Awards 01:52 Sebastián Yatra assures that he could soon sing in English 03:34 Caliber 50 celebrates being a finalist … Read more

The impossible: the exciting movie that launched Tom Holland to stardom

Marvel and its blockbusters attract audiences from all over the world and one of the most successful and endearing is Spiderman, its success is partly due to the friendly Tom Hollandwho portrays a young Peter Parker. The 26-year-old English actor projects charisma in all his projects and the film The impossible, from 2012, is no … Read more

Carlos de los Cobos, former figure of América, launched himself as a singer

Carlos de los Cobos former figure of America launched himself scaled

Carlos de los Cobos announced his foray as a singer (Photo: Rodrigo Sura/EFE) The most common occupations that various soccer players adopt when they retire from the soccer fields are linked to sports. Although the vast majority forge careers as a coach, others like Carlos de los Cobos At the same time, they explore various … Read more

Ricky Martin launched a message towards hate comments against Lightyear

Ricky Martin launched a message towards hate comments against Lightyear

A few weeks ago it hit theaters Lightyearthe new movie Disney Y pixar. The new film is a spin-off of toy story focused on the character of Buzz Lightyear, the true astronaut who inspired the action figure that Andy receives as a gift for his birthday in the popular 90’s film. The feature film features … Read more

Lady Gaga launched a new multi-color makeup capsule

Lady Gaga launched a new multi color makeup capsule

Muse of the best and most popular fashion brands from around the world, Lady Gaga took a new step in the industry fashion and of beauty. The singer, who dazzles at every event and red carpet with her flashy, eccentric and extravagant outfits; was back in the news after teaming up with Sephora to sell … Read more