The HBO comedy that is sweeping: it’s been a long time since we laughed so much

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Which famous director laughed at Bradley Cooper at the Oscars?

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“I only laughed because I thought I was joking and he slapped my face”: Amber Heard remembers Johnny Depp’s first attack

During the afternoon of this Wednesday, the actress Amber Heard began her testimony on the stand in the middle of the media trial against her ex-husbandJohnny Depp, where there are mutual accusations of defamation and domestic violence. Thus, the interpreter reviewed her childhood, her youth, her career and reached the moment when the romance with … Read more

Amy Adams laughed like a five-year-old when she first saw Henry Cavill in his Superman costume

Putting on the Superman suit for the first time was a special moment for Henry Cavill. But it was just as special for his co-star, Amy Adams, who laughed the first time she saw him in uniform. Amy Adams felt ‘Man of Steel’ was her last chance to play Lois Lane Amy Adams | Emma … Read more

Armageddon: when Ben Affleck laughed at the film and annoyed Michael Bay

In “Armageddon”, Ben Affleck plays a driller tasked with going into space to pulverize an asteroid after express training from NASA. A concept quite surprising and improbable according to the actor, who annoyed Michael Bay by expressing his doubts about the credibility of the film. Armageddon : Bruce Willis against an asteroid After a sporting … Read more

Video: Javier “Chicharito” Hernández boasted his participation in Spider-Man, No Way Home and fans laughed at the announcement

Javier Hernández is coming off scoring 17 goals in MLS. Foto: Steph Chambers / Getty Images Javier “Chicharito” Hernández has a lot of free time since Los Angeles Galaxy were eliminated in MLS. The Mexican could not transcend with his team to the Playoffs of the United States league and, in this sense, the Aztec … Read more