“It was sex, drugs and rock. It lasted until the age of 50. Not bad, huh?”, great phrases by Joaquín Sabina in the documentary by Fernando León

It was sex drugs and rock It lasted until the

He appears on screen smoking. Much. Also drinking. Whiskey, cava, tequila, cocktails… Elements that enhance the sly and roguish speech of Joaquín Sabina (Úbeda, Jaén, 73 years old). The director Fernando León (Madrid, 54 years old) has been the shadow of the musician for 14 years. The result of this coexistence is Feeling it a … Read more

Bands that lasted a short time together in the music industry

Jaime Lorente cracks his cornea in a terrible accident in

Many rock bands mark a before and after in the music industry and it is believed that they are the ones that have been around the longest, such is the case of The Rolling Stones, Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, Guns N’ Roses, The Cure, among many others. Nevertheless, some rock bands that marked the history … Read more

The reason for the enmity that Stallone and Schwarzenegger maintained and that lasted almost 30 years

The Hollywood stars they don’t always have the friendly personalities that they can show in the movies. Sometimes they don’t even return the love their fans give them. But there are situations that escalate and come to be generated rivalries between colleagues. Between the egos and the normal rispidities that can be generated between human … Read more

Who is the actor who has lasted the longest playing Batman?

1645962445 Who is the actor who has lasted the longest playing

Are you ready for the premiere of ‘The Batman’? This new version of the Dark Knight will arrive in the hands of Robert Pattinson, but this itself made us think: who is the actor who has been playing this superhero the longest? A new installment of the bat man is about to arrive in batmanmovie … Read more

2 days lasted the tickets for the concert of Fito & Fitipaldis in San Mamés

1637078605 2 days lasted the tickets for the concert of Fito

It has been seen and not seen. Last On November 12, the tickets for the concert that Fito and his Fitipaldis will offer June 11, 2022 on San Mamés, the field of Athletic Club. Tickets have literally flown. The 44,000 that the capacity of the Cathedral will have that night have been sold out in … Read more