Thor: Chris Hemsworth will only return to the MCU if his character is “reinvented” | Geek Lands

Thor Chris Hemsworth will only return to the MCU if

Goodbye Taika Waititi? Last standard-bearer of the veterans of the mcu present since avengers in 2012, the Thor of Chris Hemsworth has still not bowed out, after multiple appearances and four solo films. He is also the superhero who has seen the most change in Marvel. Originally seen as a Shakespearian and mythological hero by … Read more

Jason Statham: Future king of the box office in 2023? The Meg 2 could break records | Geek Lands

Jason Statham Future king of the box office in 2023

In the pantheon of actors accustomed to very big budget action films, we naturally find Jason Statham. The 55-year-old actor is a regular at big fight scenes under testosterone and often shares the bill with other big guys, whether Dwayne Johnson, Sylvester Stallone or simply by taking the leadership alone of a few feature films. … Read more

Justice League : Ben Affleck annonce que ce fut la “pire expérience de sa carrière” | Geeks Lands

Justice League Ben Affleck annonce que ce fut la

La Justice League de Joss Whedon a laissé des dommages collatéraux dans la tête des spectateurs. 657 millions de dollars de recettes pour quasiment 300 millions de dollars de budget hors marketing et des critiques désastreuses. Les spectateurs ont conspué les effets visuels immondes et la bouillie rouge infâme qui enveloppe le dernier segment du … Read more

The Flash: Confused, Michael Shannon looks back on his return to General Zod | Geek Lands

The Flash Confused Michael Shannon looks back on his return

The movie trailer The Flash ofAndy Muschietti was recently unveiled by DC Movies with its share of surprises. Long in suspense because of the multiple escapades of Ezra Millerthe interpreter of Barry Allenthe film will arrive in our cinemas from June 14, 2023. The fans of DCin addition to likely witnessing the universe reset, are … Read more

Jared Leto voted worst actor of the year for his role in Morbius | Geek Lands

Jared Leto voted worst actor of the year for his

The universe of Spider Verse from home sony is a compendium of failures and filth of all kinds. Initially, marvel studios wanted to implement Sinister Six on behalf of the MCU. By showing the official introduction of the Scorpio (Michael Mando) in the post-credits scene of Spider-Man: Homecomingthe will was there: Build a group of … Read more

Ironheart: Sacha Baron Cohen in Mephisto? The Incredible Rumor | Geek Lands

Ironheart Sacha Baron Cohen in Mephisto The Incredible Rumor

Among the brand new burst of series Disney+ to come, we will be entitled to the solo adventures of Riri Williams (Dominique Thorne) who will replace at short notice Iron Man and Robert Downey Jr. inasmuch as iron heart. The character will be introduced during the feature film Black Panther: Wakanda Forever. On the show … Read more

Vivian Ward wears Pronovias: ‘Pretty Woman’, the musical, lands in Spain

Vivian Ward wears Pronovias Pretty Woman the musical lands in

Aside from the obvious criticism that, in the XXI century, may arise on Pretty Woman, stereotypical story with a delicate background, the film starring Julia Roberts and Richard Gere will always be a benchmark in the film industry. And it is no less so for fashion. The designer Marilyn Vance managed to capture the evolution … Read more