Vivian Ward wears Pronovias: ‘Pretty Woman’, the musical, lands in Spain

Vivian Ward wears Pronovias Pretty Woman the musical lands in

Aside from the obvious criticism that, in the XXI century, may arise on Pretty Woman, stereotypical story with a delicate background, the film starring Julia Roberts and Richard Gere will always be a benchmark in the film industry. And it is no less so for fashion. The designer Marilyn Vance managed to capture the evolution … Read more

Bullied Boy With Dwarfism Lands Role In New ‘Mad Max’ Movie

Anuel feat AMLO No the Puerto Rican singer did not

Boy Bullied For Dwarfism Gets Role In New ‘Mad Max’ Movie 1:22 (CNN) — Quaden Baylesan indigenous Australian boy who gained the support of celebrities and people around the world after being bullied for his disabilitylanded a role in the new movie “mad max“. Award-winning director George Miller cast the 11-year-old in a small role … Read more

Criticism of Alma, the new supernatural horror series that lands on Netflix

Christian Bale reveals the two great Marvel cameos that were

Nine episodes make up the first season of Soula series that blends teen drama with supernatural horror bringing us immediately to mind Fair. the darkest lightanother fiction Netflix Very similar in cut, although broadly speaking that one is much more morbid and less round. It is the debut of the screenwriter of films such as … Read more

Brutal and sinisterly funny: this is this surprising piece of animation for adults that lands on Prime Video

Brutal and sinisterly funny this is this surprising piece of

Although the sophistication of its animation is far from what is achieved in films with a higher budget, this hilarious ‘Until your last death‘ what can you see in Prime Video Y Movistar Plus+ is a brutal satire with elements of horror and fantasy that is enjoyed more as a motion comic than a typical … Read more

Martin Scorsese lands John Wick star for his first series

Martin Scorsese is constantly on the move as he gets the final details ready for his next film Killers of the Flower Moon, confirmed that he is already working on another project, which will coincidentally become his first foray into the world of series. It is an adaptation of the book. The Devil in the … Read more

Sylvester Stallone lands another hook to the owners of the Rocky franchise from his Instagram

What are the differences between Facebook of 2004 and Facebook

Although Stallone wrote the script for the first film of Rocky and directed most of its sequels, he does not own the rights to the character. When the script was in the development phase, the United Artists studio wanted a better-known actor to star (Burt Reynolds was on the list, like james caan Y Ryan … Read more

Aziz Tazi’s film ”Night Walk” starring Mickey Rourke lands in the US with Grindstone/Lionsgate

Aziz Tazis film Night Walk starring Mickey Rourke lands in

From left to right: Mickey Rourke, Aziz Tazi, Sean Stone (son of multi-Oscar winner Oliver Stone) Sean Stone, son of three-time Oscar-winning director Oliver Stone, and French rap legend La Fouine also star in the film, which is the first Moroccan film in history to be released in Hollywood. Night Walk, a modern-day Romeo and … Read more

Netflix lands Uma Thurman for the sequel to one of its most successful films

In 2020, in the midst of a pandemic, Netflix He launched The Old Guarda platform original film based on the graphic novel namesake of Greg Rucka Y Leandro Fernandez. This film starring Charlize Theron, quickly became one of the most viewed content on the platform. This was more than enough guarantee for the streaming platform … Read more