¡Taylor Swift lo hace de nuevo! Anuncia colaboración con Ice Spice y Lana del Rey para ‘Midnights: Til Dawn’

Taylor Swift sorprendió a todos los swifties al dar a conocer poco antes del mediodía que hay nuevo Midnights Deluxe. Bajo el título ‘Midnights: Til Dawn’ la nueva edición contiene un remix de su éxito ‘Karma’ junto a la rapera Ice Spice, una nueva versión de ‘Snow on the beach’ y una canción nueva. Continúa … Read more

‘What a scare, aunt!’: all about Netflix’s Lana Condor youth comedy

What a scare aunt all about Netflixs Lana Condor youth

Many stories revolve around events that change the protagonist’s life, but a new Netflix limited series takes this idea a little more literally. What a scare, aunt! is a supernatural comedy about a high school student determined to come out of her wallflower shell. She just doesn’t know that the shell is her physical form. … Read more

Adult film actress Lana Rhoades disappeared after alleged millionaire scam on social networks

Adult film actress Lana Rhoades disappeared after alleged millionaire scam

Lana Rhoades is once again a protagonist in the world, not because of her adult content movies, but for having managed to earn more than a million and a half dollars with the popular NFTs. The young influencer after getting a large amount of money through her business, in which she offered multiple services, including … Read more

‘West Side Story’ star Natalie Wood ‘always tried to protect me,’ sister Lana Wood says E! News UK

West Side Story star Natalie Wood always tried to protect

Natalie and Lana Wood may be eight years apart, but the sisters were both pushed into show business by their mother Maria Zakharenko, a Russian immigrant. While Natalie “liked all the attention,” Lana claimed that she was not that enthusiastic about Hollywood. She would have run away just to avoid the auditions the matriarch had … Read more

Matrix 4: Lana Wachowski is a true example of feminism and inclusion, says Eréndira Ibarra | Tomatazos

Matrix 4 Lana Wachowski is a true example of feminism

Inclusion has undoubtedly become an important issue nowadays, the big studios want to see it as an opportunity to show that they are guided by the progressive values ​​of today, but rarely is there true representation in front of and behind the cameras. An example where there is indeed inclusion is in the production of … Read more

From Bob Dylan to Lana del Rey: Sergio Mayer’s little-known side as a concert promoter in Mexico

From Bob Dylan to Lana del Rey Sergio Mayers little known

Sergio Mayer has served as a great promoter of concerts in Mexico, and has brought in incredible artists from numerous genres (Photo: PHOTO: GRACIELA LÓPEZ /CUARTOSCURO.COM – Twitter / @NoMeDicenPepe) “Beautiful country, beautiful sky and beautiful people. Love forever ”, can be read in the blog of the National Auditorium from Mexico City, signed by … Read more

Matrix Resurrections: Lana Wachowski explains why Neo and Trinity return for sequel

Matrix Resurrections Lana Wachowski explains why Neo and Trinity return

Matrix Resurrections, the late sequel to the groundbreaking science fiction trilogue, is on everyone’s lips after the premiere of its first official trailer, which has generated a multitude of debates by the chosen photograph, in other aspects. The film will have the return through the front door of Keanu Reeves as Neo and Carrie-Anne Moss … Read more