This is how Kristen Stewart prepared to play Lady Di in Spencer

Kristen Stewart prepared to play Princess Diana of Wales, or better known as Lady Di, in spencer, the film that was released on November 5, 2021 in the United States. Let’s see how he did it and what was his experience. Nothing simple was the decision to have to interpret Lady Di in spencer. For … Read more

Frozen 3: the sequel announced by Kristen Bell?

Frozen 3 the sequel announced by Kristen Bell

Is a third Frozen film planned? This is what Kristen Bell, who voices Anna in the original version, suggested on “The Tonight Show”. Will there be a third part to the animated film La Reine des Neiges? This is what actress Kristen Bell (who lends her voice to Anna in the original version) suggested in … Read more

Kristen Stewart: when the actress does not remember why she tattooed the eye of Guernica

Kristen Stewart when the actress does not remember why she

Tuesday May 24, 2022, Kristen Stewart gave an interview to Pierre Lescure, for C à vous, on France 5. Asked about her Guernica eye tattoo, the actress revealed that she did not remember why she had it made to. In the middle of the Cannes Film Festival, Kristen Stewart granted an interview to Pierre Lescure, … Read more

Kristen Stewart’s confession about her most rebellious script

The Oscar nominee for Spencer (2021) had never before been seen as liberated as in her performance that, what a paradox, does not correspond to any of her films. Why do we think the Twilight actress is the epitome of the legendary Ford Mustang and what did she say after the unforgettable experience? June 03, … Read more

David Cronenberg wants to reunite Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart for a possible future project

David Cronenbergthe acclaimed film director renowned for such controversial and terrifying works as The Fly, Videodrome Y Crashrevealed in a recent interview with critic Jordan Ruimy, editor of World of Reelwhich intends to prepare an ambitious project hand in hand with one of the Hollywood’s great ex-couples. The filmmaker, who has just premiered his new … Read more

Kristen Stewart hits with her extravagant skirt on the red carpet of Cannes

Kristen Stewart hits with her extravagant skirt on the red

The red carpet of the Cannes Film Festival is, without a doubt, one of the most glamorous of the year. On the seventh day of the film competition, actresses and models once again caused a sensation with their spectacular outfits signed by the great luxury fashion firms. This Monday, one of the great protagonists was … Read more

Plunging neckline for Kristen Stewart in Cannes: the most provocative outfits on the Croisette

Plunging neckline for Kristen Stewart in Cannes the most provocative

by Jessica Meurens Kristen Stewart, starring in David Cronenberg’s new film ‘Future Crimes’ appeared in a gorgeous Chanel ensemble at Cannes. The actress had decided to wear her waistcoat… open and with nothing underneath! This Tuesday, during the photocall of the long-awaited film by David Cronenberg, Kristen Stewart wore a very chic outfit, signed Chanel. … Read more

Kristen Stewart : pourquoi c’est une super actrice en 10 rôles méconnus

Kristen Stewart pourquoi cest une super actrice en 10

Parce que Kristen Stewart a déjà derrière elle une belle et longue carrière, retour sur 10 rôles méconnus qui font d’elle une super actrice. Révélée au grand public par le succès monstrueux de Twilight dès 2008, restée sous le feu des projecteurs avec le blockbuster Blanche-Neige et le Chasseur et d’autres succès, Kristen Stewart a trop longtemps … Read more

Kristen Stewart does not abandon strong emotions and announces that she will direct her first (and risky) film

Paramount prepares a new series of Jackass again with Johnny

Like many of the stars of the Twilight Saga, Kristen Stewart still trying to shake off the sanbenito of his role as Beautiful swan. It cannot be said that the actress is not trying to lose that fame with independent films or the most diverse. We have seen her nominated for an Oscar for her … Read more

Ricky Martin will star in the new Apple TV + with Kristen Wiig and Laura Dern

Ricky Martin will star in the new Apple TV

Ricky Martin He is one of the most established artists in the world. In addition to having a solid musical career, he also has a great career in the world of acting. The truth is that the interpreter will once again be in front of the cameras for a new fiction. As he prepares to … Read more