Kim Basinger calls for a ban on dog meat in South Korea: “The world is watching” – Noufelle FR

Kim Basinger calls for a ban on dog meat in

Kim Basinger has called for an end to the dog meat trade in South Korea as a government task force deliberates whether to introduce a ban. In a passionate editorial published by The Korean daily On Monday, the 68-year-old Hollywood actress wrote about her visit to South Korea in 2019, during which she protested the … Read more

In South Korea, they dance K-pop… and bachata

For more adventures Mark Zuckerberg and his wife celebrate

In a small dance hall in Seoul, the bachata sir judge, by Anthony Santos and Ozuna. Eleven Koreans and one Norwegian sway their bodies to the rhythm of this musical genre originating in the Dominican Republic. Although they are not fluent in Spanish, they understand when their instructor tells them: Change! And the partner is … Read more

BTS, the most important musical band in South Korea, will come to Disney + with three exclusive projects

BTS the most important musical band in South Korea will

BTS is coming to Disney+. (Reuters) Subscribe to Disney+, click here Content collaboration plans were confirmed for several years between two entertainment greats such as The Walt Disney Company Y Hybe (South Korean agency), which will take place due to a recently signed agreement between the two. According to information revealed, the new global content … Read more

How to see “The paper house: Korea”: ​​chapters, date and time of release

How to see The paper house Korea ​​chapters date and

The worldwide phenomenon caused by “The Money Heist” was so big that it reached millions of fans in every part of the globe, who were left wanting more about this series that, without a doubt, marked a before and after for Spanish productions on the streaming platform. Netflix. Although the original version of this plot … Read more

Official trailer for “The paper house: Korea”: presentation of the story days after its premiere

Official trailer for The paper house Korea presentation of the

New preview of “The paper house: Korea”. (Netflix) The first official trailer for The paper house: Korea it emphasizes an economically reunified Korea that seems to have further marked the differences between rich and poor. Propitious ground for The Professor, played by Yoo Ji-tae (Old Boy), do your thing. Together with a huge group of … Read more

Netflix premieres in June 2022: 66 series, movies and documentaries such as ‘The paper house: Korea’, the end of ‘Peaky Blinders’ and more

Netflix premieres in June 2022 66 series movies and documentaries

There is very little left to leave May behind and welcome June, which means many new features for the different streaming platforms. Today it’s time to make a stop in the case of Netflix and the 66 series, films and documentaries that will arrive over the next month. Before getting into the matter, I remind … Read more

How much does it cost to go to a BTS concert in South Korea?: ARMY starts saving

The group of bts It’s a few weeks away from the release New “Proof” Anthology Album and it is likely that they will announce new concerts for South Korea and other countries. Therefore, the ARMY fandom of the South Korean country is ready to receive them. YOU CAN SEE: Producer confirms K-pop concert in Peru: … Read more

The intense trailer for ‘The paper house: Korea’ takes Netflix’s Spanish success to a fascinating historical ucronía terrain

The intense trailer for The paper house Korea takes

The paper house: Korea‘ is a new version of the Spanish series that swept Netflix last year. The success of the series attracted the attention of the South Korean filmmaker, Kim Hong-sun, to work on the remake and the new official trailer shows the big change in the premise of the series, which will show the Korean peninsula (South and North) opening its borders and using the same currency.

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The paper house: Korea presented its first trailer and reveal its release date

The Money Heist It became a worldwide phenomenon. The Spanish series was one of the biggest successes of Netflix, and his fame did nothing but grow throughout its five parts. And when there were only a few episodes left before this epic reached its conclusion, Netflix announced that they were going to make a remake … Read more

The strange Hollywood-style video that North Korea broadcast about a new missile launch – BBC News World

1648265230 The strange Hollywood style video that North Korea broadcast about a

Alistair Coleman BBC Monitoring 1 hour image source, EPA North Korea announced on Thursday the launch of a ballistic missile that possibly had an intercontinental range, causing great international concern. But also the way the news was transmitted on North Korean state television has caused astonishment. Instead of a triumphant and solemn message, this time … Read more