The luxurious mansion of Juan Gabriel that has a secret room and nobody knew

Juan Gabriel and his luxurious mansion September 24, 2022 3:29 p.m. Juan Gabriel was one of the most important artists in the music industry, without a doubt he was one of the most talented singers and composers that we have seen throughout musical history, Alberto Aguilera Valadez is one of the best composers, with songs … Read more

Goodbye to the Netflix you knew until now: it will be with ads and it will cost this

Goodbye to the Netflix you knew until now it will

netflix is ​​happening one of its most important business crises since the Californian company was founded in 1997. Last quarter, the service of streaming suffered biggest loss of subscribers of its history, with the corresponding economic gap that this entails. As a matter of urgency, the executive service led by President Ted Sarandosdevised a plan … Read more

He was a renowned actor and knew how to be Victoria Ruffo’s great love, but he left this world in poverty and depression.

Maria Victory Eugenia Guadalupe Martínez del Río MorenoRuffoknown simply as Victoria Ruffois a Mexican actress especially from TV soaps Although he has made some films, he has mostly dedicated himself to the world of soap operas with which he has stood out and has risen to fame. On this occasion we will talk about who … Read more

Diana Foronda and the Girls of Rock 11: “Several women’s bands that I knew don’t play anymore”

Diana Foronda and the Girls of Rock 11 Several womens

It may sound like a truism, but what Diana Foronda says is shockingly real: “If a boy band has to fight to be visible, for a girl band the fight is double”. That is why it is more plausible that a festival like the Girls of Rock is about to celebrate its 11th edition in … Read more

Meta desists from selling Portal, the screens that few knew about Facebook

Meta desists from selling Portal the screens that few knew.webp

Goal Portal. (photo: All Digital) Goal will stop manufacturing devices of the family Portal, intended for video calls and for private use, to focus on the development of ‘hardware‘ For businesses. The Portal series debuted in 2018 with two smart displays (one 10-inch and one 15-inch) destined to favor the communication of the users by … Read more

Dragon Ball Evolution: James Marsters (Piccolo) knew that the film was a hoax on day one

Dragon Ball Evolution James Marsters Piccolo knew that the film

Dragon Ball Evolutionthe controversial and criticized film adaptation of a popular icon like dragon ballwill always be remembered as one of the great fiascos of modern cinema, a film that barely respected any of the original material to give fans a real nonsense at all levels. Now, the actor who gave life to the King … Read more

John Wayne’s cameo in ‘Star Wars’ that not even the legendary actor knew existed

John Waynes cameo in Star Wars that not even the

Cameos of big stars in movies are not something very unusual, but it is quite rare that they take place without the actor in question knowing about it. That was what happened in the case of John Wayne Y ‘Star Wars’ in 1977. The unexpected contribution of John Wayne the sound designer ben burtt worked … Read more

Duki, the Argentine rapper, arrives in Lima with “You already knew Tour”

Duki the Argentine rapper arrives in Lima with You already

Updated on 04/18/2022 05:40 pm Listed as the most listened to Argentine artist globally, DUKIpositions himself as a leader of the urban movement and is once again getting ready to cross borders with his tour ¨You already knew Tour¨. The date chosen in Lima is September 9 and the show will take place in the … Read more

The Brazilian filmmaker who films a documentary while searching in Ecuador for her father she never knew

1649499651 The Brazilian filmmaker who films a documentary while searching in

The Brazilian filmmaker is in Ecuador and wants to find her father, whom she has never seen. In Rio de JaneiroDuring the 1970 World Cup, a young Ecuadorian man with a Brazilian woman had a relationship for a couple of months. The woman became pregnant and the Ecuadorian told her that he could not continue … Read more

Vicente Fernández, the daughter that nobody knew according to The Last King

Vicente Fernandez the daughter that nobody knew according to The

Vicente Fernández, the daughter that nobody knew according to The Last King | AP Why did no one know her?, the final chapter of The Last King: The Son of the People, the unauthorized biography of Don Vicente Fernandez based on the book of the same name by Olga Wornat uncovered a chapter in the … Read more