Rock, coffins, makeup and hundreds of millions: the big business of Kiss explained by Gene Simmons

Rock coffins makeup and hundreds of millions the big business

Gene Simmons, bassist, singer (along with Paul Stanley) and founding member of Kiss, assures that it is true, that it is definitive: on December 2 the band will offer their final concert at Madison Square Garden in New York. Before, on June 25, his last performance will take place in our country, at the Rock … Read more

Why didn’t Kiss play in the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame? “Hypocrisy”

Why didnt Kiss play in the Rock Roll Hall

During an appearance on yesterday’s episode of SiriusXM’s “The Howard Stern Show,” KISS frontman Paul Stanley expressed once more his discontent that the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame did not include the current members of KISS Eric Singer (drums) and Tommy Thayer (guitar) along with the original lineup when the band was received at … Read more

“C to you”: Moment of embarrassment when Anne-Elisabeth Lemoine tries to kiss Jennifer Aniston

C to you Moment of embarrassment when Anne Elisabeth Lemoine tries

Wink. Anne-Elisabeth Lemoine received two distinguished guests on Wednesday evening on France 5. In “Yours, the sequel,” Jennifer Aniston and Adam Sandler promoted their upcoming movie, “Murder Mystery 2,” available March 31 on Netflix. But the two Americans had a little trouble with French customs. Read also TV “The Voice”: Zazie upset and moved to … Read more

“It was for me”: Jennifer Lopez revealed why she did not get the iconic kiss with Britney Spears

1674067617 It was for me Jennifer Lopez revealed why she did

Jennifer Lopez revealed that she was supposed to kiss Madonna on MTV, not Christina Aguilera (Reuters) the kiss of Madonna Y Britney Spears at MTV in 2003 it became an iconic moment in popular culture. of the moment also participated Christina Aguilera, who also kissed the “Queen of Pop”. However, she recently revealed that who … Read more

“It was for me”: Jennifer Lopez revealed that she was left wanting to kiss a renowned singer

1674021118 It was for me Jennifer Lopez revealed that she was

Jennifer Lopez – Credits: @Instagram: @jlo In one of the shows of the 2003 MTV award ceremony, the star of the moment, Britney Spears, surprised those present in the studio and the millions of viewers who followed the ceremony by coming out of a giant wedding cake. Dressed as a bride, and under the watchful … Read more

“Kiss & Kill”: Ashton Kutcher and Katherine Heigl, ex-stars of the 2000s

This Saturday evening, Plug RTL is showing the film “Kiss & Kill”, released in 2010. lionsgate Published on 01/14/2023 at 10:30 By Jean-Jacques Lecocq Modeled down to its poster on “Mr. & Mrs. Smith”, released five years earlier, “Kiss & Kill” tried in 2010 to replay the card of the glamorous couple in an action … Read more

Paul Stanley (Kiss): “When other bands say that their fans are the best in the world, they say it because they know they are not” –

1673794199 Paul Stanley Kiss When other bands say that their fans

January 15, 2023 3:38 pm published by Drafting – Paul Stanley during the Kiss Kruise. Photo: Luis J. Trevino. The frequent calls of the groups to the fidelity of the followers are a resource that usually works, despite the fact that many think that there is nothing original in such an appeal. The vocalist and … Read more

Paul Stanley (Kiss) remembers when he met “a new band called Bon Jovi”: “Thank God, I didn’t produce them” –

Paul Stanley Kiss remembers when he met a new band

November 5, 2022 11:30 a.m. published by Drafting – Something that will never be appreciated as it deserves KissSpecially to Paul Stanley Y Gene SimmonsWhat often gets overlooked when reviewing their career is how they were always interested in finding ways to help other bands get off the ground. If well known is how the … Read more

Why Kate Hudson Never Wanted To Kiss Matthew McConaughey Despite Their Many Movies Together

Why Kate Hudson Never Wanted To Kiss Matthew McConaughey Despite

They are two of the most recognized and required actors in different movies of Hollywood. However, and beyond being stars, they are also human beings, which is why some scenes are difficult for them to perform. kate hudson and Matthew McConaughey coincided in more than one tape but that has not been a reason for … Read more

This Hollywood actor did not want to kiss Jennifer Aniston for Brad Pitt

What song does Eddie play at the end of Stranger

Few are the artists who have achieved the debauchery that Jennifer Aniston had in the early years of his career. It is not only about her recognition and euphoria for being hers like her, but about the sympathy that she aroused in everyone, which is worthy of admiration. Needless to say, it was the platonic … Read more