The keys to the Shabby Chic style that we have detected in Jennifer Lopez’s house

The fashionable couple formed by Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck It has several properties. Among them, the house that the actor owns in savannah, in the state of Georgia, where they celebrated their second and lavish wedding. And now, we have just been able to visit her thanks to a photo album published on the … Read more

“Last night”: the keys to the English film that portrays the arrival of the end of the world

Last night the keys to the English film that portrays scaled

The end of the world without zombies, natural disasters or catastrophic destruction. Last night (Silent Night, its original title that refers to the Christmas carol song) is the film by Camille Griffin that won the award for best screenplay at the 2021 Sitges Film Festival, is available on Netflix. The proposal is very original since … Read more

Alicia Silverstone, 45 years old, shares what keys she has followed to get her toned legs

Christian Bale reveals the two great Marvel cameos that were

We admit it: We would love to have Alicia Silverstone mornings! Seriously, they look dreamy. Although, how can they not seem so if their good morning in Greece consists of wearing a bikini, sunbathing and chatting with their friends. In this way, while the well-known actress shared some of these routines on her profile, our … Read more

The Cure begin their Euro Tour, discover the keys to their next tour of Spain

The Cure begin their Euro Tour discover the keys to

Written by: David Lopez @FyDescription 9 October 2022 2 minutes The Cure began their Euro Tour three days ago, which will pass through Spain in November. Discover the keys to the concerts of a historic tour. The Cure began their Euro Tour three days ago, which will pass through Spain in november. Discover the keys … Read more

Patrick Cartney (The Black Keys) does not suspend concerts, but his divorce

Led Zeppelin reveal images of the Los Angeles concert in

Patrick Carneybattery of the Black Keysand the singer-songwriter Michelle Branch have reached an agreement to suspend their divorce proceedings for at least six months, as reported by NME. Last month, Branch confirmed that the two artists were separating after three years of marriage. Shortly after, Branch filed for divorce from Carney, arguing that there were … Read more

5 keys to the new episode of “House of the Dragon” and what to expect from the next

5 keys to the new episode of House of the

Official opening of the saga “Game of Thrones” now also for “House of the Dragon”. (HBOMax) After an unbeatable series start in all senses, House of the Dragon was confirmed for a second season. The green light came just a few days after the debut and with the numbers in hand to continue with this … Read more

The keys to ‘Alma’, Netflix’s new teenage phenomenon

The keys to Alma Netflixs new teenage phenomenon.webp

Alma wakes up in a hospital after a fatal bus accident on her way back from an end-of-year trip. Almost all of his classmates have died, including some of his best friends. And added to her physical damage, the protagonist begins to suffer from episodes of amnesia and awakens a special sensitivity towards certain types … Read more

The keys to ‘An exemplary family’, the new South Korean Netflix series

The keys to An exemplary family the new South Korean

The catalog of Netflix it continues to grow with South Korean productions. This Friday, the giant of the streaming premieres An exemplary family a new series from the increasingly prolific Asian country that aims to follow in the footsteps of the squid gamethe boom of 2021. Some time ago it transpired that the platform had … Read more

‘Alpha Males’, the keys to the best kept secret of the creators of ‘La que se avecina’

Alpha Males the keys to the best kept secret of

Last Monday, the shooting of Alpha Malesthe new series from the creators of the one that is coming, it began in the afternoon and ended later still, around five o’clock on Tuesday morning. One of the mansions in the luxurious Las Lomas urbanization, in Boadilla del Monte (Madrid), is hosting one of the last days … Read more

Music festivals: scientific keys to a collective effervescence

DirecTV confirms that it eliminates EWTN from its programming from

Bright lights sweep us from the bottom up, imitating a kind of light curtain that tells us that we should start paying attention to what is happening on stage. This may be the fifth concert of the day, but as soon as the amplifiers spit out the first chord of the guitar, we are swept … Read more