What to see on Prime Video: Keanu Reeves came to this ‘thriller’ at the last minute after a big star rejected it

Christian Bale reveals the two great Marvel cameos that were

The actor of ‘Pactar con el diablo’ returns to play a lawyer in an intricate judicial story in which Renée Zellweger also appears. And it can be seen in ‘streaming’ through Amazon. An intricate mystery dominates this recent courtroom drama featuring one of the biggest movie stars, which he continued testing in minor and independent … Read more

These are Keanu Reeves’ favorite Spanish dishes

These are Keanu Reeves favorite Spanish dishes

From The Matrix to John Wick, Keanu Reeves won the hearts of the audience years ago and continues to do so every day. The mundane routine of him, he has been seen countless times using the subway in New York as his usual method of transportation, and the personality that he shows both in interviews … Read more

What happened to Keanu Reeves and why he deserves a new opportunity

What happened to Keanu Reeves and why he deserves a

Keanu Reeves He will once again be the protagonist of a film that previously left him on the canvas due to the lousy numbers he had at the time. Life will give him a new opportunity, we will see what destiny prepares for him. The protagonist of John Wick will reincarnate Constantine 2 as reported … Read more

Applause! Keanu Reeves confirms ‘Constantine 2’ and returns to DC 17 years later

Applause Keanu Reeves confirms Constantine 2 and returns to DC

The 2005 film Constantinebased on the main character of the series hellblazer from Vertigo, a DC Comics editorial line designed for a more adult audience, introduced us to the sordid life of Earth’s ultimate supernatural defender, John Constantine (Keanu Reeves), the only mortal worthy of the attention (and eternal hatred) ) of both the infernal … Read more

Constantine: the HBO Max series is canceled, but Keanu Reeves returns in a sequel

Constantine the HBO Max series is canceled but Keanu Reeves

The HBO Max series adapted from the universe Constantine is cancelled, but Keanu Reeves will return in a sequel directed by Francis Lawrence. At the moment, it’s not the party at Warner. The merger of WarnerMedia and the television studio Discovery, Inc. led the firm to completely reshape its distribution strategy by removing a good … Read more

One of Keanu Reeves’ most loved and hated films will have a sequel

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In the year 2005 Warner Bros presented Constantinea live-action film adapting the character John Constantine from the DC/Vertigo series hellblazer. For the role of the paranormal detective appeared the great Keanu Reeves. The film received mixed reviews, on the one hand there were those who criticized that Keanu, as charismatic as he may be, did … Read more

Keanu Reeves: from traveling 4 thousand kilometers from Canada, to buying this car…

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Keanu Reeves has become one of the most beloved actors in Hollywood. But what few know is the journey that the Canadian had to go through to reach stardom and be able to buy a millionaire car. Discover it here! September 14, 2022 11:53 p.m. After his keynote appearances in “Limit Point” Y speed in … Read more

Keanu Reeves and his particular list of favorite movies How many have you seen? – FreeGameTips

Keanu Reeves and his particular list of favorite movies How

We found out through Squire about a very special list of recommended movies by Keanu Reeves. It is an update of an old request from her partner in Matrix, Carrie Ann Moss. She at the time she responded to a request for advice to Keanu from the interpreter of Trinity to watch movies with her … Read more