Karol G paralyzed Medellín: this is how the paisas lived the artist’s surprise visit; there were even fainting

Karol G paralyzed Medellin this is how the paisas lived

Karol G literally stopped traffic in his native Medellín. This Friday, the voice behind great hits like provence and TQG visited the Manrique sector to the surprise of its inhabitants. And it did not come at any moment in his career. La Bichota comes from conquering the most important lists of bill board thanks to … Read more

Karol G about her photo edited by GQ magazine: “It is disrespectful to women who seek to feel comfortable every day”

Karol G about her photo edited by GQ magazine It

This time Karol G used his voice to express his discontent. The popular Colombian singer published a post on her Instagram account this Thursday in which she criticized the American magazine GQ for publishing a photograph of her that was retouched on the cover, and with which she did not agree from the beginning. “I … Read more

Karol G, Becky G, Ozuna and Carín León light up the great concerts at the beginning of the year

1674046744 Karol G Becky G Ozuna and Carin Leon light up

Although some events in the city were canceled last week due to the havoc that was recorded by the heavy rains, this weekend the musical presentations start in Los Angeles, Ontario, Anaheim and its surroundings. Here is a list of musical and family shows that will be taking place in our area. The list will … Read more

“Egypt was the place for the video that was always on my mind”, Karol G after launching Cairo

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Carol G He never ceases to amaze his followers. On this occasion, she made her fans fall in love with him with the release of her new song ‘Cairo’, which is one of the most anticipated creations by ‘The Bichota’because this North African country was on his list of favorites, or so he made it … Read more

Karol G breaks sales record with her last concert in Los Angeles

Karol G breaks sales record with her last concert in

La Bichota’s tour became an unprecedented event. Colombian singer Carol G broke a new recordand became the first Latin artist to exceed the sales number for a single performance. The star managed to raise $2.998 million in his most recent presentation in the city of Los Angeles. the bichota performed two consecutive nights at the … Read more

Videos | “Crazy”, Jhonny Rivera’s reaction to meeting Karol G

Videos Crazy Jhonny Riveras reaction to meeting Karol G

Jhonny Rivera received Karol G with a hug after the artist came down from the stage. Photo: Instagram Jhonny Rivera, recognized in the popular music genre in Colombia, is always updating his followers with information about his concerts, his personal plans and everything that is happening in his life. This time, his attendance at one … Read more

Karol G brindó en pleno concierto con una fanática que se endeudó para ir a su show

Karol G brindo en pleno concierto con una fanatica que

Una de las artistas más cotizadas en el mundo es la paisa Carolina Giraldo Navarro, más conocida como Karol G, quien se destaca en el género urbano y cuyas canciones se han posicionado en los renglones más altos de las plataformas musicales, con más de 40 millones de oyentes mensuales. Por si fuera poco, las … Read more

Karol G toasted in full concert with a fanatic who got into debt to go to her show

Karol G toasted in full concert with a fanatic who

One of the most sought-after artists in the world is paisa Carolina Giraldo Navarro, better known as Karol G, who stands out in the urban genre and whose songs have been positioned in the highest ranks of music platforms. with more than 40 million monthly listeners. As if that were not enough, the songs that … Read more

Karol G toasted in full concert with a fan who got into debt to attend the show

Estereo Picnic among the 50 best festivals in the world

Karol G has not stopped surprising thousands of her followers in the United States. After performing in several Latin American countries, including -of course- her Colombian land, the interpreter of ‘Mamiii’ embarked on an extensive tour of the North American country with the Strip Love Tour. He has sung ‘Tusa’ and other of his hits … Read more

Karol G rewarded in full ‘show’ a follower who has gone to more than five of his concerts

The king of hedge funds justifies its bearish position in

There are fans so enamored by their favorite singers that they do some pretty outrageous things to be around them. Some do whatever it takes to get money to pay for concert tickets; others, on the contrary, follow their artist to every corner of the world they visit, but there is a fan of Karol … Read more