Brendan Fraser apologized for a scene from George of the jungle filmed 25 years ago: “I was wrong”

Brendan Fraser apologized for a scene from George of the

brendan fraser achieved enormous fame in the late 1990s and early 2000s thanks to box office hits like the mummyay remained away from the cameras for several years until his applauded return with the film The Whale (The whale). For this reason, the actor is giving numerous interviews in which he is moved by this … Read more

Brendan Fraser apologizes for this ‘George of the Jungle’ scene 25 years later

Brendan Fraser apologizes for this George of the Jungle scene

At the last Venice Festival, it was screened The Whalenew movie of Darren Aronofsky which is causing a lot of talk thanks, mainly, to its protagonist. The Whale is devoted entirely to the acting talent of brendan fraser, which has meant that this actor, so popular between the 90s and early 2000s, has returned to … Read more

The day Frank Sinatra could be John McClane in Jungle Glass instead of Bruce Willis

The day Frank Sinatra could be John McClane in Jungle

Bruce Willis has something in common with almost all of us: the favorite character of his entire career – cut short by aphasia, the cognitive disorder that has forced him to retire – has always been John McClane. The leading role of Crystal jungle It was a candy that could have had a very different … Read more

Venezuelan takes the ‘forbidden steps’ by dancing jungle music in the middle of the street

One more Peruvian! A new video has been made viral in TikTok. On this occasion, the protagonist of the story was a young woman of Venezuelan nationality who surprised more than one after dancing to jungle music in the middle of a public thoroughfare in the district of Miraflores. Certainly the music of Peru is … Read more

The first choice to star in Jungle Glass was not Bruce Willis, it was Frank Sinatra

Anuel feat AMLO No the Puerto Rican singer did not

Jungle Glass made Bruce Willis an action movie star, but the movie would have been very different with another actor like John McClane. When Bruce Willis was chosen to play John McClane in The jungle of crystal (Die Hard in the original and Hard to kill in the Latin American market), he was only known … Read more

After 34 years, Bruce Willis visited the iconic skyscraper of “The Jungle of Glass”

After 34 years Bruce Willis visited the iconic skyscraper of scaled

Bruce Willis returned to the skyscraper of ‘Die Hard’ 24 years later After in March of this 2022 the family of Bruce Willis notified that the experienced actor suffer from aphasiaa neurological disorder that affects speech, communication and understanding, so that he has no choice but to withdraw from the middle thus ending a fruitful … Read more

Idris Elba faces the king of the jungle in the terrifying first trailer for Beast

Idris Elbe has been in the spotlight of the news, first for being one of the actors that the public wants to become the next james-bondthen for the presentation at Cannes of the last of George Miller, Three Thousand Years of Longing and now for the new movie Beast. This last work of Elba takes … Read more

Michael Bay’s drone busting, Sandra Bullock’s jungle adventure, and trans-Siberian romances: the best and worst of movie releases

1649851197 Michael Bays drone busting Sandra Bullocks jungle adventure and trans Siberian

Yes, I know that today is not Friday and that I should not be here —like Dante in ‘Clerks’—, but this April 13 we have one of those rounds of early billboard premieres to satisfy our cravings for the movies during the Easter holidays —whoever has them. If you want to know what you can bring to your mouth these days, here is a review of all the news, which includes everything from potential bombs to prestigious festival titles.

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James Cameron made the actors in the film “Avatar 2” live in the jungle and drink rainwater

James Cameron made the actors in the film Avatar 2

James Cameron. Foto: Frazer Harrison / Getty Images The long-awaited sequel to the film “Avatar” It has to raise a lot of money at the box office so that it does not end up becoming a real failure, as its director has repeated on several occasions James Cameron over the past few weeks to explain … Read more

Alexander Godunov, the Cold War deserter who ended up in our sparkling ads (and ‘The Crystal Jungle’)

1638689450 Alexander Godunov the Cold War deserter who ended up in

The many fans of the already Christmas classic The jungle of crystal (1988) know that Kal Vreski is John McClane’s most bloodthirsty enemy, the hero played by Bruce Willis. The one plotting the assault on the Nakatomi Plaza building is Hans Gruber (Alan Rickman), yes, but the one who relentlessly pursues McClane throughout the entire … Read more