I don’t want to become a journalist because of Russell Brand – The Mancunion

I dont want to become a journalist because of Russell

Trigger warning: Grooming, rape, and sexual assault. The disturbing accusations against Russell Brand of rape, sexual assault, and grooming have been haunting British media since the news broke on September 16. Everyday our phones are inundated with updates; from the posting of his bizarre TikTok apology, to being defended by society’s most questionable public figures … Read more

Jorge Berry: these were the last words of the journalist

Jorge Berry these were the last words of the journalist

Written in NATIONAL he 7/13/2023 6:18 p.m. Journalist Jorge Berry passed away at the age of 72, this Thursday at 5:23 p.m. at the Vallarta Medical Center, located in Puerto Vallarta, Jaliscowhere he was treated after suffering brain death. Víctor Hugo Arteaga, correspondent for Formula Grouprevealed what the last words of the communicator were before … Read more

José del Valle, ESPN journalist: “The corrupt Brayan Jiménez did us a lot of damage”

Jose del Valle ESPN journalist The corrupt Brayan Jimenez did

jose del vallethe Guatemalan journalist who is part of the international network ESPN, referred to Guatemala’s promotion from League B to League A of the Concacaf Nations League after the 4-0 win over French Guiana with goals from Rubio Rubín (59′). , Renato Sequén (75′), Nicolás Samayoa (79′) and Jorge Aparicio (90’+2′). “There are two … Read more

Videos | The journalist Érika Zapata accepted aesthetic retouching on which many expressed their opinion; she explained why she did it to him

Videos The journalist Erika Zapata accepted aesthetic retouching on

Every time he goes on the air in one of his deliveries, Paisa journalist Érika Zapata becomes a trend; The particular way in which she informs and the colloquial words that she uses to refer to the events that she shows have led her to win the affection of Colombians. Now, the woman from Antioquia … Read more

Journalist Ninoska Pérez Castellón resigns from Radio Mambí upon completion of the sale of the station

Journalist Ninoska Perez Castellon resigns from Radio Mambi upon completion

The prominent Cuban-American journalist Ninoska Pérez Castellón, and one of the most well-known Cuban exile activists, resigned from Radio Mambí on January 10, 2023. patrick farrell Miami Herald The prominent journalist Ninoska Pérez Castellón, one of the most recognized and emblematic activists of Cuban exile, resigned from the popular radio station Radio Mambí after 26 … Read more

Nicolás Cabré had a violent reaction towards a famous journalist: “It was so ugly…”

Friday, October 7, 2022 19:00 those who know Nicholas Cabre They know that over time their way of being changed and that was due to how it evolved in their personal life. In the beginning he was very surly with the media, his own co-workers and on more than one occasion he made a self-criticism. … Read more

The career as a musician of the journalist Álvaro Paci: “Metallica is the great influence on how a band should work” – La Tercera

The career as a musician of the journalist Alvaro Paci

The history of Enigma began to be written in March 1990, when Franco Iturrieta, Álvaro Paci, Hernán Kooki Ángel and José Antonio Vásquez were still in their school years. So, Paci, journalist and guitarist of the band, was 15 years old. In those days, the group was drawing the first lines of a musical career … Read more

Renowned journalist and host leaves Univision due to “unsustainable” family situation

Anuel AA makes Yailin La Mas Viral perrear in cacheteros

File photo. The renowned Colombian journalist and host Patricia Janiot revealed this Thursday that she is leaving the Univision television network because her family situation had become “unsustainable” by being separated from her relatives. Kike San Martin Photography Inc. The Angels The renowned Colombian journalist and host Patricia Janiot revealed this Thursday that she is … Read more

We know this about Yuli García, the journalist who discovered the setup in the Cassez-Vallarta case

On August 25, the streaming platform Netflix premiered the documentary “The case Cassez-Vallarta: a criminal novel”, which once again brought controversy and its characters to the table, including the journalist Julia Garcia. It might interest you: The Cassez-Vallarta case, an endless scandal The journalist of Colombian origin and nationalized Mexican, worked in the journalistic field, … Read more