Rainbow Six: Michael B. Jordan back in the sequel to Without any remorse

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Michael B. Jordan should return to service as John Clark for Rainbow SixFollowing Without any remorse from Paramount Pictures. Stefano Sollima, who directed the film released directly in streaming in 2021, leaves his place this time to a certain Chad Stahelski (John Wick) as director. Again adapted from a novel … Read more

‘Rainbow Six’: Confirm adaptation with Michael B. Jordan and director of ‘John Wick’

1674002101 Rainbow Six Confirm adaptation with Michael B Jordan and director

Now that ‘The Last of Us’ is on everyone’s lips, Paramount Pictures confirmed that ‘Rainbow Six’, with Michael B. Jordan, will be adapted by the director of ‘John Wick’ Do you remember the movie Tom Clancy: No Remorse with Michael B. Jordan? Well, he’s back, and not in token form as Milhouse suggests to Bart … Read more

Michael B. Jordan explained why he decided to include Canelo Álvarez in Creed III

Michael B Jordan explained why he decided to include Canelo

Canelo Álvarez will appear in the Creed III movie (Photo: Kristian Carreon//REUTERS) The popular saga of films known by the name of believe will have the participation for the first timeof a Mexican boxer. Saul Alvarez was included in the cast of the film Creed III and, although details about his role and appearance have … Read more

Comedian Leslie Jordan, famous for his role in Will & Grace, died in a traffic accident

What song does Eddie play at the end of Stranger

A sad news shook the Hollywood industry. The actor Leslie Jordanowner of an extensive career in film, television and theater, died Monday morning in a traffic accident. Jordan, 67, was driving his car when he crashed into a building and was killed instantly. Although the investigations into the cause of his death are still being … Read more

Jordan Peterson Responds to Olivia Wilde Over Movie Don’t Worry Darling

Stranger Things The terrifying reason why Millie Bobby Brown cried

Jordan Peterson, the famous Canadian psychologist, looked very distressed when asked about Olivia Wilde in Don’t Worry Darling. The actress referred to Peterson as “a hero to the Incel community.” “Pseudo-intellectual hero of the incel community” Wilde revealed, in an Interview magazine interview, that Chris Pine’s evil character in the film Don’t Worry Darling is … Read more

‘Nope’ and the American night: this is how Hoyte Van Hoytema has revolutionized the way of shooting night scenes during the day in Jordan Peele’s film

Nope and the American night this is how Hoyte Van

Perhaps, among all the headaches that not only a director of photography can face, but also the entire team of a film or television production, one of the most complex and demanding is shoot night scenes outdoors. A scenario that is a living example that a good part of the work on a shoot is … Read more

Jordan Peterson responds to criticism of Olivia Wilde!

Jordan Peterson responds to criticism of Olivia Wilde

Chris Pine’s character in Don’t Worry Darling is based on the famous Jordan Peterson and caused a new discussion Don’t Worry Darling It has turned out to be quite controversial. The tensions between Florence Pugh and the director Olivia Wilde have been extremely public and have sparked many rumours, which intensified after Shia Labeouf come … Read more

Jordan Peterson slams Olivia Wilde after she calls him a ‘crazy man’

Jordan Peterson slams Olivia Wilde after she calls him a

Controversial psychologist Jordan Peterson has hit out at director and actress Olivia Wilde after revealing the villain of her upcoming film don’t worry darling was based on him. The film debuts Monday at the Venice International Film Festival starring Chris Pine as the charismatic but menacing Frank, the man behind the utopian experimental community where … Read more

‘Nope!’: The frustrating experience the actors had with director Jordan Peele

Nope The frustrating experience the actors had with director Jordan

The protagonists of ‘NOP!’ they received daily changes in the script during the filming and it spoiled all their study afternoons! nope! It is the third film of jordan peele It has already reached Mexican theaters and without a doubt it will be one of the most commented on of the year. If it is … Read more

The end of ‘NOP!’ It’s not what it seems: the meaning of the last shot of Jordan Peele’s success

1661344635 The end of NOP Its not what it seems the

‘nope!‘ (Nope, 2022) has hit theaters as a sci-fi horror summer show, but in the end its fate has led to conversations and debates about its content as if it were an independently produced film, like the rest of the movies. Jordan Peel, whose subtextual metaphorical power always gives rise to heated discussions thanks to … Read more