‘I’m Still Canadian’: Keanu Reeves Jokes About Plans To Become A US Citizen On ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’

The king of hedge funds justifies its bearish position in

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA — In a recent appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live on October 6, Kimmel noted that while Keanu Reeves, 58, has been a resident of the country for more than three decades, Reeves still holds Canadian citizenship. To which ‘The Matrix’ actor also said: “I’m still Canadian” and would like to become a … Read more

Captain America: Anthony Mackie jokes about a possible return of Chris Evans

Captain America Anthony Mackie jokes about a possible return of

Avengers Endgame marked the end of an era for the MCU. Several characters have bowed out to make way for a new generation of superheroes. This is particularly the case of Steve Rogers (Captain America) who bequeathed his shield to Sam Wilson (the Falcon) at the end of the film. Credit: Marvel Studios After finally … Read more

“Zendaya is 26, too old to date DiCaprio” and other jokes from the 2022 Emmys

Stranger Things The terrifying reason why Millie Bobby Brown cried

In the difficult, thankless and stressful task of presenting a film or television awards gala, it cannot be said that Kenan Thompson has left his mark as master of ceremonies of the 74th edition of the Emmy Awards. It is not that the awards of the Television Academy have the memory of really memorable presenters … Read more

Jonas Brothers: Lasso takes a photo with the band and jokes about being the new member

Jonas Brothers Lasso takes a photo with the band and

The Hermanos Jonas They are immersed in their new international tour. Recently, the Jonas brothers were in Mexico, where they offered a couple of concerts. lasso, one of the Latin artists of the moment, was in charge of opening the band’s show. He then took a photo with them and joked about being the new … Read more

Seth Rogen’s mother came up with one of McLovin Superbad’s memorable jokes. – Democrat Blog

Seth Rogens mother came up with one of McLovin Superbads

If we were to rank our top five movies of all time, it would look something like this: Super badSuperbad, Superbad, Goodfellas, Superbad. During an interview with Howard Stern a few years ago, Rogen revealed that his mother found a “pretty dark” joke and that he and Goldberg decided to add it to the script. … Read more

Diane Keaton Jokes About Physical Roles That Fit Her ‘Dingbat’ Personality – Nifey

Diane Keaton Jokes About Physical Roles That Fit Her Dingbat

Diane Keaton. Matt Baron/Shutterstock Diane Keaton is ready to take on more physical roles following her latest work in Mac & Rita. “I had to do physical things, which I loved, and it made me want to do more physical things in movies instead of just not using your body,” the exclusive said. 76 year … Read more

Selena Gomez Jokes About Her Chef Skills, Impressing ‘Future Baby Dads’ – Nifey

Selena Gomez Jokes About Her Chef Skills Impressing Future Baby

Selena Gomez Courtesy of HBO Max Try to impress! Whereas Selena Gomez learn to hone their cooking skills on Selena + Chefhis attempts caught the attention of potential suitors. “A cute guy once texted me because he saw the show,” the Disney Channel alum, 30, admitted during a Season 4 episode of her cooking series … Read more

Alicia Silverstone Jokes That She’s ‘Proud’ Of Her Naked Gardening Hobby – CNET – ApparelGeek

Alicia Silverstone Jokes That Shes Proud Of Her Naked Gardening

Garden freely! Alicia Silverstone proudly embraced a holistic, natural vibe – and it doesn’t get more natural than enjoying nature naked. “I haven’t done this in ages, but it doesn’t seem like a bad idea!” 🙈,” the clueless star, 45, captioned an Instagram post from Friday, July 22, sharing a resurfaced clip in which she … Read more

Johnny Depp jokes about his amputated finger outside his last concert with Jeff Beck

Johnny Depp joked about his mutilated finger to crowds outside his concert on Thursday night, June 2. The actor made his last appearance with jeff beck at the Sage concert hall in Gateshead, England, on Thursday. During the event, it was revealed that Depp will release an album with Beck next month. In photos taken … Read more

The Pentaverate on Netflix: Mike Myers’ new series is a festival of distressing jokes

The Pentaverate on Netflix Mike Myers new series is a

Should we still save Private Mike Myers by watching his new series on Netflix? An essential figure in 90s comedy thanks to the success of the films Wayne’s World and especially the trilogy of Austin Powers, jewels of regressive parody, Mike Myers suddenly disappeared from dark rooms. Outclassed in the mid-2000s by a new generation … Read more