The leaked images of ‘Joker 2’ with Lady Gaga and Joaquin Phoenix in the most symbolic place possible

The sequel to ‘The Joker’ has finished filming. Among the cast of actors and familiar faces, two stand out above the rest: Lady Gaga and Joaquin Phoenix, who will represent Harley Quinn and the Joker himself in the film that will be released in October 2024: Joker: Folie à Deux. The recording, which ended on … Read more

Director of ‘Joker 2’ announces the end of the recordings with the last photo of Lady Gaga and Joaquin Phoenix

Through his social networks, director Todd Phillips announced the end of recordings from ‘Joker 2’. Sharing the last photo of Lady Gaga characterized as Harley Quinn, she thanked all the staff for her work. “It’s over. Thanks to these two -in reference to Gaga and Phoenix- (+ the entire cast) and the best crew the … Read more

La Nación / Se filtraron imágenes de Lady Gaga y Joaquín Phoenix en las escaleras del Joker

La Nacion Se filtraron imagenes de Lady Gaga y

Días atrás, las redes sociales se revolucionaron al ver las primeras imágenes de la nueva Harley Quinn, ya que actualmente se filtraron más fotos del proceso de grabación, donde se puede ver a Lady Gaga y Joaquín Phoenix bailando en las famosas escaleras del Joker. Sigue el proceso de filmación del “Joker: Folie à Deux” … Read more

Lady Gaga’s first appearances are revealed as Harley Quinn, a character she would play in the sequel to ‘Joker’ | Cinema | Entertainment

The participation of Lady Gaga in the sequel to joker has aroused once again the curiosity of all those who await this film with high expectations. It is once again the topic of conversation after some new photographs of the production that would reveal the costumes and makeup that the artist would use in the … Read more

Fotos de Lady Gaga como Harley Quinn en el rodaje de Joker 2. Margot Robbie da su Ok

Fotos de Lady Gaga como Harley Quinn en el rodaje.webp

El Joker de Todd Phillips fue toda una sorpresa. Con DC dando tumbos e incapaz de dar con la tecla en su intento de remedo del éxito apabullante de Marvel, la solución resultó estar en el lugar menos sospechado. Con una mirada al granulado celuloide del Nuevo Cine norteamericano de los años 70 y poniendo … Read more

Followers of Lady Gaga, to the expectation: their first images were leaked in Joker 2

Followers of Lady Gaga to the expectation their first images

The singer plays Harley Quinn, the right hand of the criminal, played by Joaquin Phoenix and directed by Todd Phillips By iProfessional 03/17/2023 – 7:43 p.m. In 2019, the premiere of the film Joker, starring Joaquin Phoenix, caused a furor: it obtained 12 Oscar nominations, a statuette for its protagonist as Best Actor and a … Read more

Heath Ledger: the actor who surprised many by his performance as the Joker, turns 15 years old

Heath Ledger the actor who surprised many by his performance

Do you remember the performance of the Joker that stole the breath of many? We tell you more about the actor Heath Ledger. After 15 years of being on everyone’s lips due to his unfortunate death at the age of 28 and after his participation in the Batman movie The Dark Knight, Australian actor Heath … Read more

Barry Keoghan wants to impact more with his Joker in The Batman 2

Barry Keoghan wants to impact more with his Joker in

Actor Barry Keoghan is looking forward to reprising the role of Joker in The Batman 2. In 2022 they restarted at Dark Knight in batman starring Robert Pattinson. On that occasion, the main villain was Enigma (Paul Dano)but he meets a mysterious inmate in Arkham who is actually the jokerinterpreted by barry keoghan. An actor … Read more

Who is the best Joker in movie history?

Beyond the obvious supremacy of Marvel In recent years, especially considering his landing in the cinema, there is a superhero in particular that has served DC, the “enemy” of the famous Avengers comic, to stay in tune in this kind of competition. We refer unequivocally to Batman, the hero of Gotham City who returned to … Read more