What are the best Johnny Depp movies? Critics and users are clear

1674748593 What are the best Johnny Depp movies Critics and users

Johnny Depp is a incredibly versatile actor who has demonstrated over the years his ability to move between different genres without any problem. From drama to comedy, the hollywood star has not only been the face of Captain Jack Sparrowand despite the setbacks that his public figure has suffered in recent times after the trial … Read more

Johnny Depp, Bashung or home detox, what are you going to watch on TV this weekend?

Popularized by Marie Kondo, storage has become a real business. Experts in cleaning, sorting and other garage sales abound today on platforms such as Netflix. TF1 is therefore getting up to speed by offering a new program, Detox your home: 7 days to tidy everything up. Led by Elodie Villemus, specialist in event organization and … Read more

Actor Johnny Depp was with Jeff Beck at the time he died: This is what their last joint concert sounded like – MariskalRock.com

1673790540 Actor Johnny Depp was with Jeff Beck at the time

January 15, 2023 2:05 pm published by Drafting – A few days ago we learned the news of the loss of guitar legend jeff beck and they were not long in coming various reactions from the world of rock before the disappearance of such a myth. What of course we did not know is that … Read more

La pelcula de Johnny Depp que alguien no quiso que veas y ahora arrasa en Netflix

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La filmografa de Johnny Depp es tan extensa como su lista de polmicas. El actor cuenta con decenas de pelculas de gran xito a sus espaldas, como la saga ‘Piratas del Caribe’, ‘Sleepy Hollow’ o ‘Charlie y la fbrica de chocolate’. De entre todas las producciones en que ha trabajado el intrprete, una de ellas … Read more

Johnny Depp’s physical changes throughout his life (lady mode is the worst)

Johnny Depps physical changes throughout his life lady mode is

From 90s heartthrob to hippie lady, Johnny Depp has had numerous styles throughout his career. The protagonist of ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ wears a look quite different from the previous ones, which is the best or the worst? He checks the list and decides. Johnny Depp has become a symbol of beauty and acting icon. … Read more

Video: They applaud the noble gesture that Johnny Rivera had with street sweepers during a concert

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Johnny Rivera He is one of the most loved and admired artists by Colombians. During his career, he has not only fueled his legacy with hits like The womanizer, My decision, You do not forget meamong others, but has also earned a special place in the hearts of his fans thanks to his charisma. The … Read more

Tim Burton speaks about a possible new collaboration with Johnny Depp

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Throughout the filmography of the filmmaker Tim Burton, Johnny Depp He has become his fetish actor and one of the most successful. However, the two collaborated last time in 2016 in Alice through the mirror, where Depp played the Mad Hatter and Burton became the film’s producer. One last collaboration after his controversial relationship with … Read more

Johnny Depp et Amber Heard, Brad Pitt et Angelina Jolie : les scissions les plus méchantes d’Hollywood et les impacts sur le pouvoir des stars – News 24

Johnny Depp et Amber Heard Brad Pitt et Angelina Jolie

Les scandales relationnels à Hollywood sont presque aussi courants que les intrigues folles décrites par les mêmes stars sur le grand écran. Le procès en diffamation de six semaines de Johnny Depp et Amber Heard l’été dernier a vu la star de “Pirates des Caraïbes” recevoir 10,35 millions de dollars de dommages-intérêts en juin après … Read more