Channing Tatum refused seven times “GI Joe: The Rise of the Cobra” – CinéSéries

For several years, Channing Tatum has not hidden his aversion to “GI Joe: The Awakening of Cobra”. The actor did everything not to appear in Stephen Sommers’ blockbuster, but was forced to participate for contractual reasons. The comeback Channing Tatum Extremely prolific during the previous decade since he has shot in 25 feature films between … Read more

Aubrey Plaza and Joe Locke Join the Cast of ‘Agatha: Coven of Chaos’

Aubrey Plaza and Joe Locke Join the Cast of Agatha

Lhe MCU series started out strong, although at first the pseudo-fans hated the first episode of Wanda/Vision (because they did not understand the approach of the series). We went from “what the hell is this?” a “like Agatha there are not two!” in a matter of weeks and Scarlet Witch was shaping up to be … Read more

The day Joe Pesci bit Macaulay Culkin filming MY Poor Little Angel

The day Joe Pesci bit Macaulay Culkin filming MY Poor

“Wunderkind” After the global success of the film, Culkin recalled the bizarre moment he experienced during filming. In 1990, at the age of just ten, Macaulay Culkin rose to fame as the brave and self-sufficient Kevin McCallister in My poor angel. The Christmas comedy directed by Chris Columbus was an instant global hit and Culkin … Read more

You, season 4: Penn Badgley got bored of Joe and has a new role in the Netflix series

The production of James Bond confirmed when they will announce

Netflix Penn Badlgey stars You, the Netflix series, for a long time and Joe is one of the favorite characters. But now, the actor has changed roles. He knows all the details. By Noelia Rios 08/06/2022 – 16:18 UTC 08/06/2022 – 16:18 UTC © NetflixPenn Badgley in You The fourth season of You It entered … Read more

“Post Animal”, the rock band of Joe Keery, the actor of Stranger Things

Anuel feat AMLO No the Puerto Rican singer did not

Only true fans of the Stranger Things actor know that he was part of a rock band where he played drums and later sang. when the actor Joe Keery I know won the role of “Steve Harington” in the successful netflix series “Stranger Things”, his life changed completely, since as we told you hereBefore becoming … Read more

Joe Dante, director of The Gremlins, denounced that Baby Yoda is a “completely stolen” character

Joe Dante director of The Gremlins denounced that Baby Yoda

Grogu, or Baby Yoda -as he was called until his name was revealed- is a fundamental piece in The Mandalorian, the series starring Pedro Pascal. So much so that those responsible can leave out actors -like Gina Carano- for reasons unrelated to the story, but surely they could never do without him. And it is … Read more

Joe Perry (Aerosmith) disagrees with Gene Simmons (Kiss) and believes that rock is not dead, citing this band as an example –

Joe Perry Aerosmith disagrees with Gene Simmons Kiss and believes

July 11, 2022 4:18 pm published by Drafting – If a few days ago we found joe perryguitarist of aerosmithopening the door so that we can receive a new album from the bandnow the squire to the six strings of Steven Tyler shows us his disagreement with the popular declarations of Gene Simmons about what … Read more

‘Black Phone’: Joe Hill reveals the strong inspiration of the story on which the film is based, and describes the adaptation of Scott Derrickson as “brilliant”

Black Phone Joe Hill reveals the strong inspiration of the

I have no doubt that ‘BlackPhone’ will finish the cinematographic course at the top of the lists with the best horror movies of the year and, probably, of the tops with the best of 2022 without distinction by gender. And it is that the new Scott Derrickson has turned out to be brilliant both in … Read more

Joe Russo gives new details of Extraction 2, the long-awaited Netflix action movie

Joe Russo gives new details of Extraction 2 the long awaited

In 2020 in the midst of a pandemic Netflix gave his subscribers extractionan action movie with Chris Hemsworth that destroyed everything. The story of the mercenary tyler rake it became in a short time one of the historical contents of the platform. This was more than enough of a clue to greenlight the sequel. extraction … Read more