This was the time that Professor Jirafales from “El Chavo del 8” was discriminated against in real life

The character of Professor Jirafales interpreted by Ruben Aguirre was one of the most emblematic in the series of The Chavo of 8. With his airs of superiority within the neighborhood and his seductive techniques with Doña Florinda, he managed to win the affection of the public through the years in which he recorded the … Read more

Chavo del 8: the reason why “Professor Jirafales” was discriminated against in real life

The Professor Jirafales is one of the many beloved and endearing characters of the Mexican children’s series “El Chavo del 8”. And although the actor who gave him life, the also adorable Ruben Aguirre passed away in 2016, he and his character will always live in the memory of hundreds of thousands of fans of … Read more

The dark secret that Professor Jirafales hid from “El Chavo del 8”

Without a doubt the Professor Jirafales is one of the characters most remembered and loved by the public in the iconic series The Chavo of 8. This character was played by actor Ruber Aguirre. In the series, the Professor Jirafales He was madly in love with Doña Florinda and used to visit her in the … Read more

Rubén Aguirre: Ellos son TODOS los HIJOS del “Profesor Jirafales” | FOTOS

Ruben Aguirre Ellos son TODOS los HIJOS del Profesor Jirafales

Rubén Aguirre, quien alcanzó la fama mundial por su papel de “El Profesor Jirafales” en “El Chavo del 8” fue uno de los personajes más queridos del programa creado por Roberto Gómez Bolaños “Chespirito” y pese a que han pasado poco más de cinco años desde su fallecimiento el interés por conocer acerca de su … Read more