Drummer Jim Gordon, co-author of the rock classic ‘Layla’ and in prison for 40 years, dies

Drummer Jim Gordon co author of the rock classic Layla and

Few songs so classic as layla, and few lives as lurid as that of one of its two authors (the other is Eric Clapton), Jim Gordon. The Californian drummer has died at the age of 77 in a center to treat mental problems for inmates in Vacaville, California. Gordon had been in prison since 1983, … Read more

Exclusive. Martín Piroyansky in the skin of Tangalanga: “Because of Jim Carrey I started acting”

Exclusive Martin Piroyansky in the skin of Tangalanga Because of

After its successful passage in the 37th edition of the Mar del Plata International Film Festival, The Tangalanga method opens in cinemas cinema nationals to present the origin story of the remembered Doctor Tangalanga, a master of phone pranks who dazzled more than one generation with his sparkling humor and quick exits to those who … Read more

Jim Carrey: Top Five Movies

Jim Carrey Top Five Movies

digital millennium Mexico City / 01.17.2023 10:07:32 To talk about Hollywood movies, especially comedy ones, is to mention the name of Jim Carrey, one of the actors with the longest career on the big screen thanks to his acting talent and his ability to interpret all kinds of characters that can make the audience laugh … Read more

The movie on Netflix that shows the exact moment that Jim Carrey fell into madness and stopped being him

The movie on Netflix that shows the exact moment that

One of the actors chameleons in the history of cinema is undoubtedly Jim Carrey, who achieved international fame in the 90s and the first decade of the 2000s, who due to his charisma and sympathy quickly became one of the most coveted actors by film producers in Hollywood. If his real name is James Eugene … Read more

Don’t watch it if you’re sensitive: Jim Carrey was “possessed” while shooting this movie available on Prime Video

Dont watch it if youre sensitive Jim Carrey was possessed

Jim Carrey is considered one of the most beloved actors in Hollywood due to his great ability to interpret all kinds of characters, however, there was a movie that marked a watershed in the life of carreyThis is because the actor was never the same again before and after star in the tape “Man on … Read more

Which was the famous Hollywood woman who was cool with Andy Kusnetzoff, but ended up changing him for a star: “Renée Zellweger told me no because she was dating Jim Carrey”

Anuel AA makes Yailin La Mas Viral perrear in cacheteros

In the 90’s, Andy Kusnetzoff was sent by Whoever that fails to the premiere of the most recognized Hollywood films. That is why he used to have contact with the most recognized actresses whom he tried to seduce and, why not, steal a kiss from them. He is always in charge of clarifying that it … Read more