The film considered a jewel in the history of cinema is on Netflix; You must see it at least once: Trailer

What are the differences between Facebook of 2004 and Facebook

The first weekend of August has arrived and with it the opportunity to delve into new stories through your monitor, no matter if it is your computer, cell phone, tablet or the comfort of your sofa watching television, the important thing is that you delve into realities different from yours through innovative plots in the … Read more

The upper class of Mexico abhorred and condemned this film that later became a jewel of national cinema.

Matt Damon and Ben Affleck work together again entering fully

At the end of the 1950s in the Mexico City triumphed a now extinct cinema that it was called Cine México, which was located in the Roma neighborhood, where the film was first seen “The forgotten”, by director Luis Buñuel. This film was only three days on the billboard, this because the press and the … Read more

The controversial movie on Netflix based on REAL events that won 3 Oscars and is a jewel of cinema: Trailer

The pandemic has been two years since started to lock people in their homes, and despite the fact that the intensity of this health crisis is less, the truth is that there are people who continue to spend more time in their houses that on the street, if this is your case, this could be … Read more

The Scorching Sun, the movie that is a Netflix jewel

Cinema is a universal wonder, a unique art that, luckily, comes from all corners of the world. And, in addition, it has a multiplicity of stories to tell, crossed by its contexts, culture, the social situation and a lot of other things. In this case, in Netflix hides a film from Taiwan, a spectacular dramatic … Read more

Eduin Caz and Maluma: the impressive jewel they have in their garage

Eduin Caz and Maluma, in addition to sharing the same passion for music from their different genres, also love sports cars, coinciding in an extraordinary jewel that you cannot miss. Keep reading… May 04, 2022 05:14 a.m. Eduin Caz Y Maluma they represent the ultimate mix of musical success and impressive talent that can be … Read more

The fight for the ‘jewel’ of Pedralbes excites the world of music festivals

The fight for the jewel of Pedralbes excites the world

The immediate future of the Jardins de Pedralbes exhibition, the most rampant example of a ’boutique’ festival in Barcelona, ​​managed by the promoter Concert Studio, has triggered speculation, tension and suspicion since, two weeks ago, the city council of the Catalan capital announced the launch of a bidding process open to operators interested in organizing … Read more

La Nación / Meghan wins press trial and Kate is the jewel in the Crown, Brad Pitt wants peace and Nicole Kidman confessed her pain

La Nacion Meghan wins press trial and Kate is

Great court victory for Meghan over the British press. Apologies on the front page and a fine of almost half a million pounds. The Sussexes celebrated Christmas by showing their little Lilibet. Kate Middleton is the star of British royalty and the best dressed. Brad Pitt is already a 58-year-old man and wants peace. Nicole … Read more

PHOTOS – How to wear the jewel brooch like Salma Hayek to brighten up your party outfit? – Gala

PHOTOS How to wear the jewel brooch like Salma

If they have been resolutely associated since the 1930s with formal representation outfits, brooches have become more popular, becoming both trendy and carrying a message. Discover our festive selection. Bijou vintage, imbued with nostalgia, but also – like the earrings – it-accessory to be stuck wherever you want: the brooch is all of this at … Read more

The story of Mark, the real ‘father’ of Back to the Future: the man who had in his basement a jewel that inspired the film

The story of Mark the real father of Back to

A pair of friends collide with a “no”, two, three, ten times. He ignores, he hears a refusal again, he continues offering a project with a certain unconsciousness and ends up giving a lesson in perseverance: 44 rejections before success. That’s the big (well-known) story behind the eighties tank Return to the future. But there … Read more

‘Benedetta’ is much more than dildo-shaped carvings: Paul Verhoeven reaffirms himself as the master of excess with a delusional secular jewel

1633091377 Benedetta is much more than dildo shaped carvings Paul Verhoeven reaffirms

What a complete wonder it is to be able to sit in front of a movie that transpires freedom in equal measure and a feeling — real or false, what does it matter — that the only thing that matters is making the stalls uncomfortable; causing one part of it to roar and squirm in its seat rolled over by a sardonic wheel of offense while the other utters complicit laughter at the lack of filter, morals and shame.

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