All the men and women Angelina Jolie has dated: from Billy Bob Thornton and Jenny Shimizu to Brad Pitt – Noufelle FR

All the men and women Angelina Jolie has dated from

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt move the court full force and new information continues to flow. In the latest, Jolie filed a countersuit accusing Pitt of physically abusing her and their children. The actress claimed Pitt ‘strangled’ one of their children and ‘punched another in the face’ in 2016 on a private plane as he … Read more

‘The summer I fell in love’: this is Jenny Han’s new teen romance

The summer I fell in love this is Jenny Hans

Everything that should be in a classic teen romance is in ‘the summer i fell in love‘, the new series of Amazon Prime Video and a perfect option to see yourself in a marathon this weekend. The seven episodes that make up the first season are now available on the platform with a story of … Read more

‘The summer I fell in love’: the adaptation of the novel by Jenny Han, on Amazon Prime Video

The literary adaptations they are a cinematographic genre in themselves that have shown remarkable success both at the box office and in the audience in their broadcasts on television or platforms. The transfer of novels and essays to the cinematographic format or to a series is stimulating. For those who have read the work on … Read more

“Cruella”: lo que nos contó Jenny Beavan del vestuario que le valió el Oscar 2022 | Entrevista | SALTAR-INTRO

1648441427 Cruella lo que nos conto Jenny Beavan del vestuario que

A la diseñadora del vestuario de la película más glamorosa del 2021 no le gusta la ropa. De hecho, cada vez que puede, aclara que su labor no tiene nada que ver con la moda, sino con contar historias. Pero esta vez la historia tenía mucho que ver con la moda. Para “Cruella”, la película … Read more

Jenny Lee: Hablamos de Olivia Rodrigo, K-Pop, Beyoncé, niños ricos, drogas o la serie que hará HBO de ‘Anna K’

Jenny Lee Hablamos de Olivia Rodrigo K Pop Beyonce ninos ricos

Las series juveniles que tienen como protagonistas a jóvenes ricos que intentan sobrevivir en un mundo de presiones sociales, drogas, engaños amorosos o choques generacionales suelen tener éxito en plataformas como HBO o Netflix. Esta primera plataforma es la que ha comprado los derechos de Anna K, la novela de Jenny Lee que nos recuerda … Read more

Jennifer Lopez Brings Back Her Jenny From The Block Look With A 2021 Twist

Jennifer Lopez Brings Back Her Jenny From The Block Look.img

In 2002 Jennifer Lopez reminded us that despite all her hits, luxuries, and famous boyfriends, she was still ‘Jenny From the Block’. Today, almost 20 years later, many more accumulated successes, a stratospheric career and more famous boyfriends (and a husband) under her belt, JLo reminds us again that its essence remains intact. We don’t … Read more