Jean-Louis Trintignant’s daughter, Marie, was “the woman he loved the most”: he did not want to be buried by her side

Jean Louis Trintignants daughter Marie was the woman he loved the

Jean-Louis Trintignant lost his “best friend”, Marie, the woman he loved the most in the world and never recovered. He then took his grief and guilt to his grave. During the filming of “And God… created woman”, Jean-Louis Trintignant fell in love with his on-screen partner. The pretty actress is none other than Brigitte Bardot, … Read more

Death of Jean-Louis Trintignant: Emmanuel Macron, Matthieu Kassovitz, Jean Dujardin … Many personalities salute the memory of the actor

Death of Jean Louis Trintignant Emmanuel Macron Matthieu Kassovitz Jean Dujardin

A key figure in French cinema and theater, Jean-Louis Trintignant died this Friday at the age of 91. Many personalities wanted to salute the memory of the one who had known the consecration with “A man and a woman”, and played with the greatest directors of his time. Jean-Louis Trintignant is no more. The actor … Read more

A great one has departed: Jean-Louis Trintignant, French film actor, passed away

A great one has departed Jean Louis Trintignant French film actor

And in the beginning, it was just snow. The white mantle on the white plain in a white world. Until he showed up. He did it among dry trees, surviving pines and lurking rifles, at the foot of the mountains. He rode between bullets and he came back from the dead, wrapped in a long … Read more

Jean-Louis Trintignant: the life of this very discreet hero in six key moments

Jean Louis Trintignant the life of this very discreet hero in

This shy man struggling with his own notoriety had imposed an extraordinary style. He faded away at 91. Jean-Louis Trintignant. © BelgaImage He had neither the beauty of Delon nor the physique of Belmondo. He had a mad charm. A way of being there without being there that requalified the classic canons of masculinity and … Read more

Jean-Louis Trintignant (‘Love’, ‘The Great Silence’) dies at 91

This morning the actor died Jean-Louis Trintignant. As his family has indicated to the French press, the mythical interpreter “he passed away peacefully, as a result of his old age, surrounded by his loved ones at home”. It has happened four years after she officially retired from the cinema because of the cancer he suffered … Read more

Jean-Louis Trintignant died at the age of 91 | CineChronicle

Jean Louis Trintignant died at the age of 91 CineChronicle

Jean-Louis Trintignant Mythical actor since the 1950s having filmed for the greatest directors, Jean-Louis Trintignant died at the age of 91 on the morning of June 17. Brigitte Bardot and Jean-Louis Trintignant – And God… created Roger Vadim’s wife (1956) This great of French cinema, born on December 11, 1930, comes from a wealthy family … Read more

L’acteur Jean-Louis Trintignant est mort

Lacteur Jean Louis Trintignant est mort

Jean-Louis Trintignant, à Paris, en 1983. XAVIER LAMBOURS / SIGNATURES A l’heure où Jean-Louis Trintignant s’en va, il est malaisé de cerner sa trace, tant l’homme se voulut discret, le comédien masqué, son jeu économe, parfois à la limite de l’absence. Tant dans la vie que sur scène ou au cinéma, il détestait « les numéros … Read more

Death of Jean-Louis Faure, the French voice of Bryan Cranston – CinéSéries

Death of Jean Louis Faure the French voice of Bryan Cranston

Dubbing actor Jean-Louis Faure has passed away. He was famous for having lent his voice to Bryan Cranston in “Malcolm” and “Breaking Bad”, as well as to Jeffrey Wright in many feature films. Jean-Louis Faure: the regular voice of Bryan Cranston and Jeffrey Wright On Sunday March 27, 2022, Donald Reignoux announced the death of … Read more