After Aquaman, Jason Momoa Wants to Play a Hairy, Brutal DC Anti-Hero

After Aquaman Jason Momoa Wants to Play a Hairy Brutal

What if Jason Momoa was unfaithful to Aquaman? The actor could well slip into the costume of another colossus stamped DC: Lobo! A few weeks ago, James Gunn toyed with DC fans’ nerves by posting an image of anti-hero Lobo on Mastodon. The latter was imagined by designer Keith Giffen and screenwriter Roger Slifer in … Read more

Jason Momoa takes off his clothes and video goes viral

Jason Momoa takes off his clothes and video goes viral

Jason Momoa has no qualms about showing off his body. Photo: Getty Images/Instagram Jason Momoa He is one of the most attractive actors Hollywood due to the impressive physique he has, and it is known that the interpreter has no qualms about showing his worked body: this was demonstrated when he went to the program … Read more

En fotos: del look retro-futurista de Anya Taylor-Joy al particular pijama de Jason Momoa

En fotos del look retro futurista de Anya Taylor Joy al particular

En fotos: del look retro-futurista de Anya Taylor-Joy al particular pijama de Jason Momoa – Créditos: @Vianney Le Caer Anya Taylor-Joy es una de las celebridades que marcan tendencia en cada alfombra roja por la que pasan. Esta semana, la actriz que vivió parte de su vida en la Argentina, causó furor en la premiere … Read more

Jason Statham’s forgotten movie that now triumphs on Netflix

The appearance of Netflix and other streaming platforms has completely changed the way of consuming series and movies and there are many products that streaming services have managed to “resurrect” despite the fact that they were somewhat forgotten in everyone’s memory. This happened again in the last days with the movie Lonely killer (War), a … Read more

Aquaman 2: Jason Momoa teases the heavy for the future of DC with James Gunn

Aquaman 2 Jason Momoa teases the heavy for the future

Jason Momoa is very excited about DC’s future in cinema and has announced that one of his dreams will come true thanks to james gunn and Peter Safran. Collective illusion or unexpected reality, the new direction of Warner seems more and more capable of bringing the DCEU (now the DCU) back from the dead, as … Read more

Jason Sudeikis and Olivia Wilde: their nanny reveals everything

Jason Sudeikis and Olivia Wilde their nanny reveals everything

The former babysitter of Olivia and Jason’s children revealed the underside of their breakup. Revelations-shocks which the ex-spouses would have done well in the midst of turmoil. • Read also: Olivia Wilde in embarrassment • Read also: Jason Sudeikis loses to Olivia Wilde Even if they have been tearing each other apart for months, the … Read more

Jason Momoa talks about his future at DC alongside James Gunn

Christian Bale reveals the two great Marvel cameos that were

What will happen to the DC Universe from now on? There are many doubts with James Gunn. However, Jason Momoa has decided on his future. Jason Momoa has spoken about his future in DC Universe alongside James Gunn. The actor has appeared as Aquaman in three live-action films to date and will reprise the role … Read more

The world in shock over the loss of Jason Statham

The king of hedge funds justifies its bearish position in

Jason Statham gathers immense fortunes, thanks to his successful films. And with these earnings, he owns an incredible collection of cars filled with the best models of the most well-known automotive brands. However, it seems that the actor had to say goodbye to one of the best jewels in his garage. Slide and find out … Read more