Misery, according to Stephen King: Kathy Bates as James Caan’s torturer | LeMagduCine

Misery according to Stephen King Kathy Bates as James Caans

Last update:November 16, 2022 There are countless excellent novels by Stephen King, nor the excellent films made from it. Whether shining (1980) by Stanley Kubrick remains the reference on the subject, Misery (1990) is another feature film that does well. Chilling behind closed doors (literally and figuratively), Rob Steiner’s film keeps its viewer spellbound to … Read more

James Gunn Announces DCU’s Plan To Overtake Marvel

James Gunn Announces DCUs Plan To Overtake Marvel

James Gunn’s plan with the DCU has his sights set on Marvel Studios. Will the filmmaker be able to achieve something so difficult and unimaginable? James Gunn has announced the DCU’s plan to surpass Marvel Studios. The executive director of Warner Bros. DiscoveryDavid Zaslav, has spoken with Deadline about the future of DC Comics and … Read more

“No one will ever replace Indiana Jones.” James Mangold Denies Rumors About ‘Indiana Jones 5’

No one will ever replace Indiana Jones James Mangold Denies

We haven’t even seen the first trailer yet. ‘Indiana Jones 5’but the new adventure of the archaeologist played by Harrison Ford is already generating controversy; something that was to be expected if we take into account the drift of recent times, that it is one of those projects destined to “ruin childhoods” and that the … Read more

Daniel Craig demonstrates by dancing to have freed himself from James Bond

Daniel Craig demonstrates by dancing to have freed himself from

Daniel Craig as Detective Benoit Blanc in Backstabbers: The Mystery of the Glass Onion. Cr. Courtesy of Netflix © 2022. Dancing, like any physical activity, releases endorphins. The so-called happiness hormones. and seeing Daniel Craig dancing like the most cool of this planet in his most recent professional appearance, anyone would say that he is … Read more

Daniel Craig like never before: the funny commercial he stars in after moving away from James Bond

Daniel Craig like never before the funny commercial he stars

Daniel Craig brought Belvedere vodka advertising to life Daniel Craig will no longer be remembered only for giving life to the famous character of james-bond; now, at 54 years old, the unexpected participation in a commercial alcoholic beverages. Its about Belvedere Vodka, who chose the renowned actor to be the star of his new product. … Read more

Henry Cavill Reacts To Being Cast By Fans As James Bond

Anuel feat AMLO No the Puerto Rican singer did not

Will Henry Cavill Play James Bond? It is something that many fans would like and the actor is flattered by it. The actor henry cavill has shown throughout his film career that he would be a magnificent james-bond. Since she has played similar roles in movies like UNCLE Operation (2015), Impossible Mission: Fallout (2018) and … Read more

Brendan Fraser will become James Stewart out of solidarity – decine21.com

Meta continues its expansion across Web 30 with the announcement

The actor will star alongside Jean Smart, Seth Rogen, Fred Armisen and Ken Jeong in this year’s reading of Living is beautiful!, the Christmas classic directed by Frank Capra. A brendan fraser It is up to him to play George Bailey, a character immortalized by James Stewart. It will benefit the Ed Asner Family Center, … Read more

Spectre: Daniel Craig was under “a lot of pressure” for this James Bond

Spectre Daniel Craig was under a lot of pressure for

Daniel Craig would have been particularly under pressure during the filming of “007 Spectre”, his fourth adventure as James Bond, as evidenced by his colleague Dave Bautista whom he found for “Glass Onion”. Daniel Craig: from James Bond to Benoit Blanc Daniel Craig will have been for many years the face of james bond. From … Read more